Customer Service Websites

Companies are making it harder and harder to speak to a live person. They hide their customer service phone number and then they try to force you to use forums or online forms to contact them.

A few websites have taken on the problem and they provide you with their phone numbers and hints to reach live help. You can read customer reviews, complaints and ratings on these websites. 

Customer Service Phone Number and Review Websites

1. - The web's largest database of customer service phone numbers. Including national and local businesses. The site features over 100,000 customer reviews.

2. - Started by Paul English, of, this site offers thousands of customer service hints to get a human. 

3. - This site features the contact information for major companies and customer service reviews and ratings.

4. - This site says it all in the title. This is where you go to complain and vent about poor customer service.

5. - This forum let's you add your complaints about companies and it has an active user base that helps with customer issues.

Note: Please contact us if you have another website that should be added to this list. Disclosure: is owned by the owners of this blog.


  1. Can't you see that we want the HALLMARK Channel????????????

  2. Who do I talk to about the Design of the ozak XXL 300 / 500 pound cap chairs, the comfort / for heavy people.

  3. When will the 52qt. Ozark Trail cooler be available? No Wal-Mart has had this product for a few months! That's not very good customer service! Please advise when this product is available. Thank you.

  4. OZARK TRAIL one pound LP tank leaks after first. use two different tanks, both are leakind at the valve no way to correct, what now?

  5. Ozark tents are crap!!!!!!!! I've purchased 2 and guess what I have 2 broken piece of crap tents. This brand should be recalled and pulled from the market. In the very least it should be sold for under $20 and even at that it is priced too high. DO NOT EVER BUY OZARK TENTS!!!! It's a waste of money!!!! Unsatisfied is an understatement!!!!! Crap, stright crap, trash, junk that's what ozark

  6. I purchased the Ozark Trail big and tall chair at Walmart about 3 weeks ago. It already has a 6 inch rip along the seam of the seat. It's disappointing that this chair boasts being able to withstand up to 400 pounds and it's already tearing apart after such a short period and not ever even holding 400pounds. I looked for a customer service number to report my dissatisfaction and there appears to be no one I can contact. If anyone could share contact information for Ozark I would appreciate it!

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