Friday, November 13, 2015

5 Of the Worst Corporate Employees

1. Jared Fogel Subway

Subway built it's business on the dad bod of Jared Fogel. However, Jared was using his Subway lottery ticket to buy his way into a fake charity. This charity was used to for him to solicit sex from minors. The guy never looked in shape and I'm surprised they used him as a spokesman for so long. Insert foot long joke here!

2. BTK Killer Dennis Rader ADT Security

ADT makes millions providing alarm systems to protect American's from people like Dennis Rader. So, having this freak on the payroll was not a good move. Feel safe?

3. Bernie Madoff NASDAQ

The head of the Nasdaq asks you to invest with him! It's 1999 and he is beating the red hot stock market and making his investors millions. What do say? Yeah, I thought so. This guy used his connections and lofty positions to steal like a common criminal. Way to go NASDAQ, try explaining to me how the market is not rigged now!

4. Jon Corzine State of New Jersey and MF Global

Yes, this guy was the Governor of New Jersey and it's Senator. He used his status to rob like a small time crook. However, he had a much bigger pockets to pick. Oh and he used his connections to stay out of jail. Try that one, Martha Stewart. BTW, Martha will not make this list because there are thousands of bigger crooks than her and they are not going to jail. Boy's club anyone?

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