Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top 10 Customer Service Goals from Customer Service Numbers

In our time reviewing customer complaints on, we have devised a goal list that should help any customer service department or manager a guide for their team.

Follow these helpful goals and you should see your customer service ratings and reviews go up and you may even be mentioned as a customer service leader.

1. Friendly - For some reason this seems to be a huge problem with customer service departments. A nice and friendly voice can put the customer at ease and they will not "fight you" to get their problem resolved. Start with this goal and the rest of the goals should be easy for you.

2. Timely - Timing is everything. Fixing an order within a few hours of the problem is much better than waiting for a day or two. A customer that has not received a timely response to their issuer, will likely vent on customer review sites.

3. Accurate - Accuracy is very important for a customer service representative. The order is usually wrong or has a problem. So, if you are inaccurate in trying to fix the problem, you could end up with an enraged customer.

4. Reasonable - A good customer service department will have some reasonable way to give the customer some relief. A small refund, coupon or other incentive will allow you to sooth the wound of a mixed up order or an overcharge.

5. Respectful - A customer should be treated with respect as you would treat a old friend or important family member. Empathy for their problem will show you care and value them as a person and as a customer.

6. Clear - Being understood is very important, and making sure that your language is understandable and easy to understand will go a long way to making sure the consumer is satisfied.

7. Informative - A customer may not understand the policies or pricing. So, a simple non-condesending explanation is very helpful for the consumer to make his or her decision.

8. Correct - The order, service, credit or payment must match with what the customer ordered and what the company listed in their description or pricing.

9. Confirmation - Make sure your customer understands the situation and that they are satisfied with your actions.

10. Follow-up - After the situation is handled, follow up with your customer and make sure that everything is resolved to their satisfaction.

Companies like Zappos, Bose, and are prime examples of companies that excel in customer service by following guidelines like these.

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