Friday, May 31, 2013

The 10 Worst Things About Customer Service Departments

1. Not offering a customer service phone number

2. Outsourced customer service representatives from India

3. Referring all customer service issues to customer forums or a third party website

4. Email only customer service

5. Hiding their phone number in layer after layer of webpages

6. Phone trees that make you listen to multiple options before you are able to contact a live person

7. Unavailable customer service managers or representatives that pretend to be the manager

8. Long hold times or slow email response

9. Rude customer service representatives

10. Companies that make it almost impossible to cancel their service or only offer deals when you try to

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Large Companies Without a Phone Number for Customer Service

Here are the top 10 largest companies that do not provide a customer service phone number.

1. Google
 A. Blogger
 B. Youtube

2. Facebook
 A. Instagram

3. Twitter

4. Linkedin

5. Wikipedia

6. Pintrest 

7. Craigslist


9. WordPress

10. Tumblr

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mountain Dew Racist TV Commercial 2013 Pulled

The controversial Mountain Dew commercial shows a badly beaten blonde Caucasian woman approaching the line-up on crutches. A white male warden says, "We got 'em all lined up, nail the little sucker." The goat, in a raspy male voice bullies her with phrases, "keep your mouth shut, I'm going to do ya when I get out," "ya better not snitch on a playa'," and "snitches, get stitches, fool."

The woman becomes hysterical and runs from the room. As the ad ends, you can hear her screaming off-screen.

This ad has been pulled from TV and Youtube because of consumer complaints. Many people see the stereotyping in the police line-up. Others see a threat from the black to community to the white community, to not snitch on their crimes.