Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Phone Numbers For Help With Hurricane Isaac

Red Cross: 1-800-985-5990
NOAA: 1-202-482-3436
Cigna: 1-866-912-1687
Aetna: 1-800-443-2386
CNA: 1-877-262-2727
Entergy: 1-800-368-3749
Louisiana Citizens Insurance: 1-888-741-0088
Lighthouse Property Insurance: 1-888-235-3837
Gulfstream Insurance: Gulfstream: 1-866-485-3005
ASI Insurance: 1-866-274-8765
SFI Southern Fidelity Insurance: 1-866-874-7342

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Madden 2013 Complaints: Review and Review

Is 13 the unlucky version for EA Sports?

Many Madden 2013 customers are hopping mad at the changes that EA Sports made to the newest version of Madden NFL 13.

The complaints range from the change in career mode, franchise mode, no editing of rosters,  no soundtrack, and no importing of draft classes.

The game has a very loyal and devoted following. However, they are not too pleased with the changes.

Please review your experience with Madden 13 below. 

Zeek Rewards Complaints and Problems 2012

Zeek Rewards has been the source of many complaints. The company was recently shut down by the government. The popular website has been accused of being a ponzi scheme.

The government has set up a website to handle all future complaints from Zeeklers.

Has your experience with Zeek Rewards been good or bad? Please comment about your experience with Zeek Rewards Below.

Carl's Jr Memphis BBQ Two Girls Commercial

Carls Jr's Memphis Barbecue Burger Commercial, featuring two provocative women cooking, is upsetting some of their customers.

Does this commercial make you want to lock your daughter in a closet or go buy a burger from Carl's JR?