Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Easiest Way To Add Google Analytics to Blogger

Part One
1. Login to Google Analytics at http://google.com/analytics/

2.Click on Add Website Profile. A form displays.

3.Select Add a Profile for a New Domain.

4.Enter the URL of your site or blog.

5.Select your country and time zone. Click Finish.

6.Analytics provides you with a code block – a swatch of HTML – to add to your site’s pages. Copy Only the Analytics Web Property ID Example: UA-XXXXXXXX-1

Part Two

1. Login to Blogger in Draft (not regular Blogger or Blogspot) 2. Go to Settings

3. Click the Other Link

4. At the bottom of the page You will see a Google Analytics and a box for Analytics Web Property ID. Enter or Paste your Analytics ID (Example: UA-XXXXXXXX-1) into the entry box.

5. Click Save Settings at the top of the page.

6. Google Analytics is Installed. Wait a few minutes and then login to Analytics and check your status.