Friday, January 27, 2012

Audi Vampire Commercial Superbowl 2012

The Audi Vampire Commercial Superbowl 2012.

Tide You Suck At Folding Commercial

Tide's commercials once again show the father in the role of a dolt. This is the edited version of the commercial. In the full version, the wife tells her husband, "You suck at folding.".

Pepsi 24 oz Bottles Discontinued?

Pepsi's move to 24 oz bottles vs. the 20 oz, seems to have fizzled out. Now the consumers who liked the change to 24 oz are having a tough time finding the larger bottles of Pepsi.

Kelloggs Croutettes Stuffing Mix - Discontinued

Many of Kellogg's customers were disappointed this holiday season, when they couldn't find their Croutettes Stuffing Mix. The product is no longer produced.

However, consumer demand seems very strong and perhaps they will bring the product back in 2012.

JC Penney Screaming Commercial

JC Penney's New Screaming Commercial is upsetting some of their customers. Does this commercial make you want to scream or go shop at JC Penney?