Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zeek Rewards Complaints and Problems 2012

Zeek Rewards has been the source of many complaints. The company was recently shut down by the government. The popular website has been accused of being a ponzi scheme.

The government has set up a website to handle all future complaints from Zeeklers.

Has your experience with Zeek Rewards been good or bad? Please comment about your experience with Zeek Rewards Below.


  1. As everyone knows, Zeek Rewards is under the control of Kenneth D. Bell of McGuire Woods LLP as temporary receiver of ZeekRewards for the purposes of marshaling and preserving all assets of ZeekRewards and those assets (a) held or possessed
    by ZeekRewards; (b) held in constructive trust for ZeekRewards; and (c) fraudulently transferred by ZeekRewards.

    For this reason the leaders of Zeek Rewards (your up line leaders) are working to correct this issue. The leaders have come together and are in the process of obtaining a law firm to represent all of us that join the protected group. You simple action of going and donating anything from $20 dollars to $100 dollars will allow us to hire one of the best if not the best firm in the country to protect us.

    Our goals are simple, first protect everyone one of us by first proving that Zeek was not a ponzi scheme, second by assisting Paul Burke to re-open Zeek Rewards allowing all of us to continue making money. And last to prevent the government from keeping all the money that we used to purchase bids with and the money we have received or is pending in one of the e-wallets.

    We feel our chances are good and expect to restore Zeek to a position better than it was before.

    There will be an additional link coming up on for latest news and updates we will be keeping everyone informed at this location.

    If you can spread the word as we are putting together a dream team of attorneys, accountants and PR firms to assist in correcting the damage the government has caused and restoring our income.

    In the next few days, a website will be set up for everyone who donated money to be able to enter their name, address, email, phone number and Zeek Rewards username if they were not able to enter when submitting the PayPal purchase.

    Please continue to Like our Facebook page in support of our cause and spread the word here:

    A recording was set up online of the call that we announced on from Saturday giving more details about our fight against the SEC here:


  2. Are you seriously asking for us to donate money???????
    I personally have been ripped off for over a thousand dollars!