Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chegg Complaints and Problems 2012

Chegg's service has been the source of many complaints. The Complaints range from charging for lost books, overbilling, credits not given, to impossible to reach customer service.

Has Chegg given you good or bad customer service? Please comment about your experience with Chegg's customer service below.


  1. On Aug. 9 I placed an order for a book shown as in stock. On Aug. 13 I got an email notice the order was canceled because the book was not in stock. I went back online on Aug. 14 looking for the book and Chegg showed it in stock. I reordered but also I called and spoke to them about whether the book was or was not in stock because I needed to order from another company if Chegg did not have it. The person checked inventory and said Chegg definitely had to the book and I would receive it so don't cancel the order. On the evening of Aug. 15 I got notice that the order was canceled because the book is not in stock. I just checked the website and the book is shown as currently available. I ordered from textbooksRus instead but this looks like fraud ot me.

  2. Why won't any reps in customer service answer the damn phone?

  3. Having problems too. I can't find a number to call. If you have one can you please give it to me. thanks