Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Directv Daughter with Dog Collar Baby Commercial

DIRECTV's New Daughter Commercial is upsetting some of their customers. Does this commercial make you want to lock your daughter in a closet or sign up with DirecTv?


  1. From the don't wake up in a road side ditch to this one, I love both of them....very creative...commercials are suppose to be funny and peak the customers interest to actually want to watch a commercial...that's good business

  2. I always pay attention to advertisements and responses as a rule due to my career to see different directions. I have definitely seen DirecTV come out with more creative examples than with this commercial. Sometimes using the strategy of getting to the point is better than offending your audience. I travel giving training classes to various departments relating to advertisement for Dish; I try to keep up with what is making a difference. When it comes down to it the proof is in the service and I love having quality service. Dish TV Everywhere™ is an example of a service that meets my needs giving me unlimited access to all my programming using sling adapter technology. When I get a service the commercials that got me to take interest are no longer applicable if I am wishing I had gone with another service with a less glamorous media advertisement. In fact when I think about it I would rather have a company that puts their finances into providing more services then fancy advertisements.

  3. I am a grandmother of 2 beautiful girls. I thought the commercial was really creative.