Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Contact The IRS by Phone

Tax deadlines are approaching - rapidly!  Have you filed?  Are you looking for the Contact number to the IRS by Phone?  It can be hard to find.  And we make it easy for you!

Now you can get all the information you need and get your taxes filed on time.  Or course there are difference deadlines for different filings like Business, Self-Employed, etc.  Make sure you check the details and get 'em filed! 

Contact Disney World Information

Spring Break is here for lots of folks and that means one thing Disney World !  Are you and your family looking for Contact Information for Walt Disney World?  Our website, Customer Service Numbers, has everything you need.  We have a couple of phone numbers so you can get the information you need from a Disney representative and plan your next trip!  

Jello Lying Little Princess Commercial

Jello is at it again with their new commercial for Temptations Puddings. First, they angered parents with the ChocoBeast Commercial and now they continue the lying parents trend with the Princess Commercial.

The trend is to show parents in a bad light in commercials. Perhaps, they are counting on outrage for viral buzz. Is it working?