Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jello Lying Little Princess Commercial

Jello is at it again with their new commercial for Temptations Puddings. First, they angered parents with the ChocoBeast Commercial and now they continue the lying parents trend with the Princess Commercial.

The trend is to show parents in a bad light in commercials. Perhaps, they are counting on outrage for viral buzz. Is it working?


  1. Nice Product - Commercials for this product are Offensive - Not buying either one.
    Jello products have been around for many years and have always been associated with good, positive things.

    Debbie from Chatham, Illinois

  2. At least the kid is cute.

  3. People that find this "offensive" need to see a shrink. It's hilarious! "Scaring children is abusive"?!?! Are you kidding me????

  4. the commercials are FANTASTIC!
    Get a sense of humor and a life!!!!!!!!

    way to go JELLO

  5. The only Temptations ad I find in poor taste so far is the "Hole of Snakes and Boogeymen" one. Its a spooky, depressing idea for children that lacks what these other ones have: A punchline.

    The Chocobeast one is funny because the kids will know it was dad in no time.

    The Little Princess one is great for two reasons: The mome references taking something (shown to be, not her bike, but the wheels) and once her teddy is threatened, the girl gets the idea, rolls her eyes and give the jello back. She got the joke.

    I can see people being disturbed by these commercials a bit (I am a little also, but in a good way) but as long as they have a good (and, yes, kid-friendly) punchline at the end they should be fine.

  6. sucks. hate it. in real life, that kid would grow up to have a complex. plus the product looks unappetizing.