Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Stop Yelp boasts millions of users per month. So, if your site is showing negative reviews from Yelpers, it can hurt your local business.

Yelp can inflict damage on your small to medium size business.  Below are several suggestions to stop YELP from hurting your business.

1. Your own website with your own domain name. (Tip: make sure you buy the domain name most closely associated with your business name and possible search terms. example: and if that is taken take the name plus the town

2. Make your own review page that is easy to use for your customers.

3. List your business on every local business website instead of Yelp. Examples:,,,, Google Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local,,,, and

4. Encourage your customers to review you on your website and the other local websites. Never mention Yelp.

5. Share all of your positive reviews from every site but YELP, on Facebook, etc..

6. Open Social Marketing Pages for your business on Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, etc..

7. Check your negative reviewers on Yelp. They may be former employees or competitors. Then you can have your attorneys send Cease and Desist Letters to the reviewers.

8. Spread the word to other business owners and associations about Yelp. Warn them of the possible dangers of listing their business with Yelp.

9. Offer discounts for customers on Coupon Sites, (, and etc.. Just not Yelp.

10. Buy PPC advertising with your keywords linked with Yelp. Example: "Florist Denver Yelp" This will buy you space and allow you to compete with Yelp.


  1. You're the greatest, Net Strand! I hope everyone who's discovered how corrupt Yelp is will use this info you've provided. I'm definitely going to print it out and distribute to all my friends who have small and medium-sized businesses. Thank you so much!

    1. To have the attorney general investigate for deceptive, bullying, and shoddy practices.

  2. To have the attorney general investigate for deceptive, bullying, and shoddy practices.

  3. Help get this petition against yelp seen by signing and getting more ppl to sign.Please sign and share!!!!