Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crayola Color Bubbles Staining Problems

Crayola's new Color Bubbles look like a ton of fun for a kid. However, moms have a different opinion.

It seems that the color stays and stains clothing and other items. So, if you are planning on buying these bubbles, be prepared with old clothes and make sure the kids stay outside with their Color Bubbles.

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  1. Eileen KestenbaumApril 19, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    This was beyond messy. Even after reading the warnings the way this product performs should require a hazard warning.

    I will never buy this product again and if I had saved the receipts I would return it immediately.

  2. WHAT A MESS.. thought this was a great idea for Easter basket gifts,but was I wrong. Spent Easter morning scrubbing my porch,deck house and kids! My porch is now stained with blobs of green and blue paint!!Now I have to re-paint my porch.Can't believe crayola put this out!!!

  3. My Grandsons received this for Easter. It stained my walkway my front door and will not come off. It also got in my hair while I was trying to clean it up, thank goodness it washed out. I will never buy a crayola product again.

  4. The colour staining problem is beyond messy.

    You have to scrub harder to get this colour off than you do with Crayola washable markers and paint.

    The wooden deck and fence have permanent colour stains now.

  5. Stained my concrete. Worst product. If anyone figures out how to get it off let us know. I have tried chemicals, 2600 psi pressure washer, nothing is working.

  6. My two six year old daughters received two color bubbles from their grandma for Easter. The day consisted of scrubbing my carpet. It was spilled out of the nozzle. My living room carpet is ruined. as for the product. My daughter cried on Easter because hers did not even work....what a joke....thanks for fun Easter Crayola.

  7. I'm an art teacher and grandma of two boys. The color bubbles looked like fun but not so. Just opening the bottle we had orange dots all over the 4 year old and me . We played with the bubbles and we were all completely covered with orange drips, streaks, and marks on clothes, skin, feet and outdoor furniture, even the grass. I was also disappointed in the color of the bubbles. Too bad it could have been so cool.

  8. What a mess clothes ruined,stained kids and grownup,sidewalks. Even after this stuff touched was stained. After even baths the kids were still stained and any adult that touched the kids, and the clothes are ruined. from shirts, pant,socks and shoes. This product needs to be off the store shelfs. (B.A.)


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  10. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PRODUCT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN!!!! I cannot BELIEVE CRAYOLA would make something like this!! I trusted the name because i've always loved their other products...the washable crayons and markers are ACTUALLY WASHABLE, but not these colored bubbles! After my 3 yr old daughter had played with them for a bit i noticed how messy it was all over her hands and getting on our patio and even spots where bubbles had popped on the vinyl siding of our house. I started trying to clean her up w/baby wipes but she still appeared stained so i had her go inside to wash her hands...still a slight stain on her skin, but the worst was the patio. So i put the lid on tightly and threw it away in the trash. The next day when i was taking the garbage out (we have to walk across carpet to get to the garage)i didn't realize the bag was leaking leaving a trail of the RED (suppose to be pink but its looks VERY RED)bubbles on my carpet!!! i've tried water, carpet cleaner, and even baby wipes and its faded to a pink shade but still very much visible!!! I am so upset that this has happened and really feel that Crayola should take these off the shelves immediately!!

  11. I am currently living with my daughter and bought my grandaughter a bottle of the "colored bubbles". She played and did get the green hands but no other damage until the next morning when we discovered the the spillproff bottle had tipped over and dripped onto the deck and the driveway below the porch. Needless to say after repeated scrubbings with everything imaginable, both stains remain. She rents and now I have to figure this out. May be contacting the lawyer if this becomes too costly.

  12. This is one of the worst products I have ever boughten for my son! The bottle says 'Spill Resistant Bottle' & 'Washable', which is absolutely false advertisement at it's best! My son spilled the Green Colored Bubbles all over my carpet and now after scrubbing the carpet for almost 8 hours with a steamcleaner, I'm left with a beige carpet tinted green!!! This product is ridiculous and I will NEVER buy anything from Crayola EVER again!

  13. I think they are really bad. My shoes soul came apart in 3 days.