Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yahoo Sign-In Page Photo Upsetting Some Yahooers

Yahoo's photo of two people engaged in a passionate kiss is upsetting some Yahoo users. The photo is of a man and a woman kissing on a public street.

Yahoo's sign in page has been redesigned to show photos and to more of a pleasing page rather than just a blank white sign-in. They are also running advertising and promotions on that page to maximize revenue on all of their pages.


  1. Why in the hell did you change my yahoo page? I can't even get into it. I might as well not have a computer because you wizards constantly change things so that we not so smart people can't use it.

  2. When I want to sign in for my MAIL, I hate being FORCED to choose between 15 options that I have to carefully read to insure I'm NOT getting something I DON'T want to have. This is TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
    Market your extra options, but leave the normal sign in simple, as it was. This is bothering a lot of my friends, too, and many have dropped Yahoo to skip the aggravation. HELP!!!!!!! IS ANYONE LISTENING???

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