Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stores Open on Christmas 2011

Top Stores that will be open on Christmas Day
1. CVS
2. Walgreens
4. Starbucks
5. Winn Dixie
7. Kroger Stores
8. 7-11
9. Jack-in-the-Box
10. Burger King

Top Stores that will be closed on Christmas Day
1. Walmart
2. Target
3. Home Depot
4. McDonalds
5. Old Navy
6. K-Mart
7. Toys-R-Us
8. The Gap
9. Sears
10. Best Buy

Please comment if you know of any other stores or restaurants that will be open on Christmas Day December 25, 2011.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best Buy Mom Kicking Santa Commercial 2011

Best Buy's new Christmas ad is causing some controversy. The ad shows an online shopper mom versus Santa on the roof. The mom kicks a statue of Santa off the roof to show her superiority of purchasing Christmas gifts versus Santa.

Some parents feel that the ad is confusing for children that believe in Santa Claus.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mate1 Support How to Get Help

--> is offering this advice on how to get customer support at Mate1. is committed to finding a solution for its members and offers some of the best Customer Support available in the online dating industry, including 7-day-a-week toll-free phone support (1-888-688-4760, or 514 907-0015 if you are outside North America), round-the-clock email support –, as well as a live chat support feature available during normal business hours.Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a phone number to get in touch with their staff. We’re even open for most holidays, and we post specific holiday hours directly on our Contact Us page when we’re not. Please get in touch with our Customer Support team regarding any issues you are experiencing, or any technical difficulties you have encountered and we'll be happy to try and resolve them with you. That's what we're here for! For your convenience, here is a direct link to our site’s Help/Contact Us page, which contains most of our contact options. For additional options, please access our Help/Contact Us page from within your account itself after logging in, which you can do from this link:

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yelp is it Extortion?

Yelp is the online giant for local business reviews. They have a rabid base of users that are quick to give their opinions on businesses.

Yelp along with Groupon can make or break your local brick and mortar business. Negative reviews on Yelp will show prominently on all of the internet search engines. Your potential customers are very likely to read reviews on Yelp, before deciding to purchase from you.

Also, coupon deal sites like Groupon make their decisions of who to feature and accept are based on your online ratings and reviews. So, negatives on Yelp can prevent you from being accepted into Groupon.

The controversy arises from business owners who feel that they are being extorted by Yelp. The business owners contend that the positive reviews are filtered and the negative reviews highlighted, unless they pay Yelp.

Yelp denies these allegations. However, their is a pattern of complaints from business owners that show that their may be some merit to the allegations.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stores Open On Thanksgiving Day 2011

Open 24 hours, (doorbuster prices from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Black Friday)

7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

7 a.m. to noon

The Gap
9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Banana Republic
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Old Navy
12 noon to 7 p.m.

5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Toys 'R Us
10:00 p.m.

Midnight 11.24.11

Midnight 11.24.11

Midnight 11.24.11

Midnight 11.24.11

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ticketmaster Phone Number for 2011

Ticketmaster's Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-653-8000. Ticketmaster is the largest ticket processing company in the USA. You can review your customer service experience with Ticketmaster

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tide Miniskirt Commercial Dad Wipes His Hands

Tide's ad shows a dad wiping his greasy hands on his daughter's too-short mini skirt. Mom comes to the rescue with Tide. The message is forget about Dad and do what you want. This continues the current advertising trend of showing parents acting terrible and without regard for their children.

Tide Tomboy Commercial No Pink

Tide is causing a small amount of controversy showing a girly mom lamenting her tom-boy daughter's camo hoodies.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google Insights For Search Down 11.02.11

Google's Insights For Search Seems to be down this morning. Below is the error message.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SGS Customer Service Excellence Information

The UK's Customer Service Excellence standard has been released after a great deal of research carried out by the Government's Office for Public Service Reform. The new and improved standard is based on the following key principles of customer service:
Segmentation – Who are your customers?
Customer Insight – What do they need?
Customer Journey Mapping – How do you ensure their needs are met from beginning to end? Access Channels – How do they use your service?
Drivers of Customer Satisfaction – Are your customers satisfied?

 SGS United Kingdom Ltd
SGS House 217-221 London Road
 Camberley Surrey GU15 3EY
 t: 0800 900 094
 f: 01276 697 696

SDG&E Phone Number

SDG&E is a utility company located in San Diego, California. Their phone number and billing address are listed below:

SDG&E Billing Adress:
P.O. Box 25111
Santa Ana, CA 92799-5111
Business: 1-800-336-7343
TDD/TTY: 1-877-889-7343
Emergencies: 1-800-611-7343
Underground Service Alert: 811 or 1-800-227-2600
Employment: 1-858-654-1600

SDG&E Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-411-7343

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RPA Customer Service - Rural Payments Agency UK

RPA's Rural Payments Agency is located in the UK

The RPA was established on 16 October 2001 as an Executive Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). RPA is responsible for the CAP payment functions formerly delivered by the Defra Paying Agency and the Intervention Board.

Their Customer Service Phone Numbers in the UK are listed below:

General Question: 0845 603 7777
Cattle Tracing: 0845 050 1234
Welsh: 0845 050 3456

RPA Head Office Address
PO BOX 300
Sheffield, S95 1AA

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Peggy Customer Service Discover Commercial

The Peggy Commercial shows a customer in the US trying to get help with a customer service issue. The call is answered in a foreign country by Peggy.
Discover shows this to highlight the outsourcing of customer service by their competition.

Discover Cards Number is 1-800-347-2683

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

att uverse commercial which child do we love the most?

Att's commercial for their Uverse service is causing some controversy. The ad shows a mother and father deciding which child gets to record a show based on which child they love the best.

This is a troubling advertising trend, showing parents in a bad light. The uproar just causes buzz and generates youth interest. Parents you are being played.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jello Pudding Face Creepy Commercial

Jello is at it again with another creepy commercial, this time it is titled Pudding Face. Pudding Face continues the lying parents theme with a dad who can't hide is lying "Pudding Face".

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playstation Network Error 80710a06 - Down

Playstation Network users are getting an error message that reads 80710a06. Sony has been experiencing some problems with their network and they assured customer service users that the system will be up as soon as possible.

Contact Barclays

Barclays has a history of innovation.

Barclays Cycle Hire and Barclays Cycle Superhighways are flagship schemes providing a low-cost, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of getting around London.

Barclays private banking website is among the world's top 10 private banking websites.  Find them at for more information.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Contact Bill Nelson Senator Florida

Hello Florida Friends, We have information for you on how to Contact Bill Nelson Senator of Florida.

Last week had everyone looking for their government leaders regarding the Government Shutdown. Here's Senator Bill Nelson Florida if you need him. 

Customer Service Numbers is the Internets Largest Database of customer service phone numbers. We provide the phone number and contact information for The IRS and millions of other worldwide and local US companies.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Contact The IRS by Phone

Tax deadlines are approaching - rapidly!  Have you filed?  Are you looking for the Contact number to the IRS by Phone?  It can be hard to find.  And we make it easy for you!

Now you can get all the information you need and get your taxes filed on time.  Or course there are difference deadlines for different filings like Business, Self-Employed, etc.  Make sure you check the details and get 'em filed! 

Contact Disney World Information

Spring Break is here for lots of folks and that means one thing Disney World !  Are you and your family looking for Contact Information for Walt Disney World?  Our website, Customer Service Numbers, has everything you need.  We have a couple of phone numbers so you can get the information you need from a Disney representative and plan your next trip!  

Jello Lying Little Princess Commercial

Jello is at it again with their new commercial for Temptations Puddings. First, they angered parents with the ChocoBeast Commercial and now they continue the lying parents trend with the Princess Commercial.

The trend is to show parents in a bad light in commercials. Perhaps, they are counting on outrage for viral buzz. Is it working?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crayola Color Bubbles Staining Problems

Crayola's new Color Bubbles look like a ton of fun for a kid. However, moms have a different opinion.

It seems that the color stays and stains clothing and other items. So, if you are planning on buying these bubbles, be prepared with old clothes and make sure the kids stay outside with their Color Bubbles.

Customer Service Numbers provides the Customer Service Phone Number for Crayola and Millions of other US and World-Wide Companies.

AT&T UVERSE Blocking Cardinals Games

Uverse is blocking up to 20 Saint Louis Cardinals Baseball games because of a dispute with Fox Sports.

AT&T has been playing financial hardball with many content providers, like The Hallmark Channel, Discovery, TLC and others. They have made deals with Discovery, but Hallmark is still not shown on Uverse.

Many of AT&T's customers are upset because they signed up for their Uverse service specifically to see all of the televised Cardinals games.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Number for Jackson Hewitt

Got Taxes? There's a Jackson Hewitt near you.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. - the second largest tax preparation service in the United States - is responsible for preparing over 2.2 million computerized federal, state, and local individual income tax returns each year. They are based in Parsippany, New Jersey.  They  currently operates more than 5,802 franchise outlets and 724 owned offices, in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Roughly a quarter of Jackson Hewitt’s offices are located inside Wal-Mart and Kmart stores. Jackson Hewitt offers tax refund-anticipation loans, free electronic filing, tax-preparation training, and tax audit representation.

Get the Tax help you need with Jackson Hewitt and their Customer Service Number here.  Have you filed your taxes? 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Long John Silver's Coleslaw

Hey Long John Silver in Iowa - Don't go changing the slaw!  Long John Silver has the most awesome cole slaw in the fast food industry.  So we do request that you keep the recipe for your slaw going please.  Iowa loves the side of Corn, of course.  However, it's the Cole Slaw that is the real draw.  Looks and see what we're talking about....

The Long John Silver slaw is such a sensation, there are internet requests for their great slaw.   Above you can see the awesome Asian Coleslaw.  Dive right in and enjoy. 

Trader Joes New Locations 2011

Trader Joe's is one sensation! From the East Coast to the West Coast, Trader Joe's is expanding with new locations across America offering the most unique, wholesome and low-cost items available. From Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina to Salem, Oregon, Trader Joe's has a new location to meet your needs.

Check out the latest of the new locations on the Trader Joe's website:

New Locations: 

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 
Salem, Oregon, 
Chicago (Lakeview), IL 
 Chicago (South  Loop), IL 
Staten Island, NY 
Spokane, WA
Pittsburg, PA, 
Kansas City, MO
Leawood, KS 

"Trader Joe's is dedicated to continuously creating exciting, delicious products that you can discover at your neighborhood TJ's." Now the only other question, is where else do we need a TJ's? Do you have one of these amazing stores in your neighborhood?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Johnson & Johnson is Discontinuing Cotton Balls Bagged

Johnson and Johnson is discontinuing their bagged Cotton Balls. The product is still selling well, but it is not a growth area for Johnson and Johnson. The discontinued products were made from real cotton and were sterile for medical or home medical use.

There are few websites, like that are still carrying the products.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Stop Yelp boasts millions of users per month. So, if your site is showing negative reviews from Yelpers, it can hurt your local business.

Yelp can inflict damage on your small to medium size business.  Below are several suggestions to stop YELP from hurting your business.

1. Your own website with your own domain name. (Tip: make sure you buy the domain name most closely associated with your business name and possible search terms. example: and if that is taken take the name plus the town

2. Make your own review page that is easy to use for your customers.

3. List your business on every local business website instead of Yelp. Examples:,,,, Google Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local,,,, and

4. Encourage your customers to review you on your website and the other local websites. Never mention Yelp.

5. Share all of your positive reviews from every site but YELP, on Facebook, etc..

6. Open Social Marketing Pages for your business on Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, etc..

7. Check your negative reviewers on Yelp. They may be former employees or competitors. Then you can have your attorneys send Cease and Desist Letters to the reviewers.

8. Spread the word to other business owners and associations about Yelp. Warn them of the possible dangers of listing their business with Yelp.

9. Offer discounts for customers on Coupon Sites, (, and etc.. Just not Yelp.

10. Buy PPC advertising with your keywords linked with Yelp. Example: "Florist Denver Yelp" This will buy you space and allow you to compete with Yelp.

PS3 Login Issues - I Can't Log-In

Customers of Sony PS3 are consistently having log-in problems. Gamers are becoming increasingly frustrated with error messages and problems with logging in to PS3 online.

Customer Service Numbers provides the phone number for Sony's PS3 online network and gives you the chance to either praise them or to vent about your experience.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yahoo Sign-In Page Photo Upsetting Some Yahooers

Yahoo's photo of two people engaged in a passionate kiss is upsetting some Yahoo users. The photo is of a man and a woman kissing on a public street.

Yahoo's sign in page has been redesigned to show photos and to more of a pleasing page rather than just a blank white sign-in. They are also running advertising and promotions on that page to maximize revenue on all of their pages.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jello Temptation Monster Commercial Scares Kids and Parents Alike

Kraft's Jello Temptations commercial is creating some controversy with parents. The commercial shows parents playing a mean trick on their kids, just to steal the Jello Temptations Pudding from them. The trend in commercials is lying parents. Many parents are commenting and are upset that marketers are showing them as lying and deceitful. The commercial is below: (Warning the commercial may scare young children)