Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Metro PCS Corporate Office HQ in Richardson Texas

Metro PCS Corporate Office is located in Richardson, Texas. The address and phone number for Metro PCS is listed below:

Metro PCS Corporate Offices Headquarters:
2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX 75082

Metro PCS Mailing Address:
PO Box 601119
Dallas, TX 75360

Metro PCS Billing and Payments Address:
PO BOX 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

The Support Phone Number for Metro PCS: is 1-888-863-8768 or *611 from your MetroPCS phone.

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  1. I have a Huawei m750 cell. I paid 289.99 on 8.25.10 Terminal I.D. 73913553
    Merchant # 000000037540
    Batch: 000379 INV: 000024
    RRN: 023716402918
    I bought this from a man Nick Mati (store Mngr) (586)285-1111 warren MI.I took the phone back to him on 1-22-11. I told him the touch screen stopped working, I have TBI and all my Doctors and Laywers numers are on this phone. I cant retrieve my phone messages or text. The memory card slot is damaged, by me because I put the card upside down and had a hard time getting it out. Part of fine motor skills I no longer have because of the TBI. Nick told be it voids the warrenty because of damage to the memory slot (which has NOTHING to do with the touch screen/key pad. So he sent me to MetroPCS store that repairs phones "but I have a refurbished phone for $60"(clinton township MI.18 & hayes) He gave me a piece of paper Manufacture Contact Information Huawei 1-877-448-2934 I called and was put on hold for over 1/2 hour never talked to one.when i did talk to one on Tues I was given another # 1-888-863-8768 She told I was given wrong info where to take it toand gave me another address in Eastpoint MI. Im at a inpataint Nerourehabiltation Center in Ann Arbor MI. My # is 586.222.6498 Is it time for a new carrier?

  2. I need to get in contact with Metro advertising department and shoot them some sample commercials to boost the company's image to compete with the Verizon and sprints commercial. I know the demographics of their customers and would give their company a well needed face lift. Can someone please tell me how to contact so I can send them a sample and outlines for other commercials. Thank you.

  3. I am getting tired of my phone and PCS now when I went to a store and told them about my phone rebooting from time to time and they want to charge me for a phone and my phone is just over 2 mths old now..... so how can they charge me when my phone so only 2 mths old and still covered under warranty. I know this my not help but it is up to us consumers to keep in touch about things like this. here is a list of all the times it rebooted (part 1)

  4. part 2

    Phone rebooted @ 5:07 PM on 3-24-11
    Phone rebooted @ 7:27 PM on 3-26-11
    Phone rebooted @ 7:37AM on 3-27-11
    Phone rebooted @ 10:34AM on 3-27-11
    Phone rebooted @ 12:12PM on 3-27-11
    Phone rebooted @ 2:35PM on 3-28-11
    Phone rebooted @ 4:08AM on 3-29-11
    Phone rebooted @ 5:23PM on 3-29-11
    Phone rebooted @ 10:02AM on 3-31-11 in voice dialer
    Phone rebooted @10:14AM on 3-31-11 in virtual card
    Phone rebooted @ 6:55PM on 3-31-11 in market
    Phone rebooted @ 6:00PM on 4-1-11 in soundhound
    Phone rebooted @ 12:39PM on 4-5-11 in superbox 10+1 uninstalling antivirus
    Phone rebooted @ 12:39PM on 4-6-11 in norton security
    Phone rebooted @ 3:08PM on 4-7-11 in market
    Phone rebooted @ 12:34PM on 4-8-11 in
    Phone rebooted @ 7:20PM on 4-8-11 in google search
    Phone rebooted @ 10:39PM on 4-8-11 in weather app on main screen
    Phone rebooted @ 2:49PM on 4-10-11 in metropcs website icon
    Phone rebooted @ 5:32PM on 4-11-11 in google search
    Phone rebooted @ 8:42PM and 8:53PM on 4-11-11 in orwebSee More


  6. metro pcs sucks do not buy

  7. Cant access my online bill service on net. whats wrong even tryrd to reset my password with phone number and it said wrong user name.

  8. I have been a customer for several years. I will be transferring my number to another provider ASAP. I tried to get an 5 day extension on my bill. I was informed that METRO PCS does not care about its customer or the quality of the service. I never asked for the tons of advertisements that I receive each day and I have never been late on my phone bill in all the time I have had this substandard service. I am so disappointed in your company that I am looking forward to getting a new service provider. I would not recommend your service to anyone for any reason.

  9. The customer service is Shitty, they do nothing and doesn't help out in any problem. They also send me a terminate message out of no where. This phone and company is worst and we pay enormous amount for ugly looking phones

  10. i bought my first android phone from metro pcs last month.i bught it solely to surf the web. didnt need it as a phone because i have an amazing at&t phone that charges like crazy to web browse. initally i was satisfied with it. it was the new 4g samsung galaxy indulge..which ran me 400 dollars, but after two weeks my internet stoped working completly. i called metro with my concern and they said they'd refresh my phone and to turn it off and back on. i did that and the problem still wasn't fixed. so two days later i called back and explained my delema. they asked me to call back from anouther touch tone phone, so they could reprogram my phone. so i did but my problem wasnt fixed. now this is after the fourth call i made about the same concern and they told me that metro was experencing service problems in my area. i told them that i wouldnt pay my bill for only a week or two of my internet working. so they offerd me a ten dollar discount. by this time i was outraged and annoyed with the same two stupid line customer reps use so i asked to speak with a supervisor. and i told her that i didnt want my phone because of all the problems and hassles it has already caused me. she and i qoute "told me that she would put a note on my account and i could take my phone into a corperate store where they would help me with my return." when i went in though i was told they wouldnt return the phone because of the metro promise. i am in the process of filing a consumer complaint and a lawsuit. due to the simple fact that they gave me the run around and BS me the whole time!!!!!

  11. metro pcs stole money from me after i paid my bill they took out all kind of processing fee from my acct after it was told that it wouldnt be thinking of starting a class action suite

  12. I have heard that as of 09/01/2011 any store that has computer repair service will have too discontinue that service or be shut down. I love the fact I can take my Computer in for service while I am paying my bill or looking for or at the new products Metro PCS has to offer, If this service is discontinued I will have to find another service provider to handle all my needs and save my time, money and travel expense. Very bad move Metro PCS

  13. Metro pcs sucks! I have a family plan with 2 lg optimus phones, both were replaced because the ones I had kept shutting down. Well, guess what? These are doing the same thing, I have called customer service a few times, the place that sold me the phones wont take my calls...lawsuit?

  14. is there a reason that some numbers dialed require an "air" card to connect sometimes.

  15. Metro PCS Payless Wireless in all GGP and Simon malls are selling unauthorized cell phone accessories.
    They are only to carry Metro Pcs accessories for their Metro phones, but they have and are selling Cell phone accessories for Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon etc.Under cutting the other carriers by selling inferior quality/flea market quality products for cheap.
    The other Carriers products are not displayed, but are pulled from inside the cupboards.
    Their Corporate does not seems to Mystery Shop them as they are promoting some else's cell phone accessories.
    As, such they are engaging in unfair trade practice.
    Come on Guys, just stick to you lease agreements,you can be slapped with a default!!!!!with no cure.

  16. I have been a costumer of metro pcs for years now recently my phone was disconnected on October 30 i paid my bill on November 23 i made a payment of $44 on November 29th i received a text message saying that my service was going to be disconnected if i did not pay my bill when i called in they said i still have to pay my bill on the 29th of every month and i should have told them to change my billing date this is a rip off if i new i was going to be charged $44 for 6 days of phone service i would of waited till the 29th to pay my bill

    1. I did something similar but I went to a metro store. And my bill was $90 ( for my and my sons fone ) after being off for two weeks , they called and I got a $30 Credit and only had to pay $60 W/ out changing payment date BCUZ there is a $5 fee for that plus the $3 payment fee for a total of $8 not including the bill.

  17. I called one of the corporate offices in FL to get information for the advertising text (the text that comes up on the Metro PCS phones from time to time) because I was calling for several clients that would like to take this avenue. I was given the number from one of the Metro PCS locations.

    The girl that answered the phone was very condescending. As I spoke to ask questions to get a better understanding of what she just blurted out with a ridiculously unprofessional attitude and behavior she continued to talk over me as I was speaking. I let her know this is not the way you talk to people especially if they are calling to get information and ask for an example to better under what was said besides hearing the loudness of an attitude. She acted as if she hates Metro PCS, have personal problems and brought them to work, or just got off a bad call or spoke with someone in that office that has gotten on her last nerve before taking mine. Whatever the case, she needs an attitude adjust and some customer service skills training immediately. God forbid if I was calling from inside the corporate office, another corporate office in a different state, mystery shopper, or related to the person that owns the company and/or over that corporate office. I think it would have probably been her last day, she would have been written up, or some type of action enforced. I did not get the information that I was looking for. She said she did not have it, it is not given to them, and that it is the corporate office in Dallas, TX.

    I then called 611; customer service, the representative that answered acted as if he did not understand the reason for my call. He asked for my number so that he can take off the advertisement. I started to wonder what type of people does Metro PCS hires. To top it off he began smacking his lips.

    I will be passing this on to those I come in contact with. This is not how you handle a customer and training is very much needed amongst these two employees and I am sure more of them.

    Does anyone know if this is acceptable behavior within Metro PCS as an employee or if the managers conduct themselves in this manner allowing the employees to do the same?

    Is this the norm or becoming the norm for companies to allow this type of behavior?

    Are business owners, presidents, or chief executive officers smiling and happy that their employees are rude and/or condescending to consumers that put money in their pocket or those considering to be their consumer?

    Am I behind time or something thinking good customer service and telephone etiquette still exist?

    Does everyone act like this when they go to work and answer the phone?

    Are managers training their employees to be unprofessional?

  18. We've had phone service with METRO PCS for 5 years. Never late paying our bill. Recently called 611 about a missing phone and the agent told me that we were not getting the family plan rate. I had asked for that rate, because I heard it on the radio, when I added my line in May of last year. I appreciated that he noticed the mistake and fixed it but after thinking about it I was a little angry that for over 6 months nobody had noticed that before when I called in for various reasons. And, more upset that I was not put on the family plan when I added the second line and ASKED for that plan. My husband pays the bill so I really never knew we did not get what we asked for. I called back and spoke to three supervisors today and no one had the authority to give us a credit of any kind. We are talking less than $80. Unbelievable. And, when Maggie, the last supervisor I spoke with, told us that METRO PCS Corp Office has no phone number all we could do was laugh. I'm going to try to find a phone number but will be writing a letter with the PO Box provided by Maggie. These people have NO IDEA what good customer service is!!!!!

  19. well this is a first in my life time i bought a samsung metro pcs phone online for $79.99 and now less then a month later the price is $59.99 so i called service and (believe this one)for me to (ship) send a working phone back for a full refund ,then repurchase the same phone again for the current sale's price and i'am good to go what is so retarded is if metro pcs would just credit the difference $20.00 to my credit card or etc this problem would be solved, now me forget about any sigh up phone service with this carrier i suppose they have enough customer's that they don't care if they lose some u know.PS i don't care either.

  20. Metro PCS has a good concept of no contracts etc...However, no concept of Customer Service!!! I guess that old saying, "you get what you pay for" is REALLY TRUE if you choose Metro PCS as your wireless service provider!!! You are S.O.L.!!! I just bought a phone from Metro PCS on Monday Jan 24th at 5PM. Paid $99.00 for a NEW Samsung phone, was told by Thomas that I could return phone with in 7 days from purchase and less than one hour of talk time...NOT TRUE!!! I also paid $21 more for the same phone that just went on sale for $78!?!? REALLY? Please know you are S.O.L.!!! NO REFUNDS, NO CREDITS, NO EXCHANGES PERIOD!!!THEY DON'T CARE AND THEY HAVE NO PHONE# FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, COMPLAINT DEPT. NOT EVEN CORPORATE OFFICE!!! Only person I was able to conatct that seemed at all interested in helping me was a lady by the name of Ann, very sweet, but of course, Ann, is in a call center in the Phillippines!!! So she was limited in her ability to assist me with my problemfrom the other side of the world! NOW, they have a sign in store, in RED & WHITE, that says, "you can exchange within 30 days!?!? Oh, only if you're a NEW CUSTOMER! NOT, an existing customer??? NO ONE had a number to their Corp. Offie!!! WHAT??? REALLY??? If you spend so much money in marketing, advertising, and promotions to gain new customers, but ZERO $$$'s or efforts to keep existing customers happy??? WOW??? I've been with METRO PCS for almost a year now and all I can do if I want customer service is take my business elsewhere??? Guess that's the next the previous writer expressed...These people have NO IDEA what good customer service is!!!!! Good, bad or not, if you want ANY customer service, take your business elsewhere, take your hard earned money and find a different wireless provider!!!!

  21. I was with metro PCS for just under two years. The first phone that I bought from them - a Kyocera slider, had crapped out within a month.

    They wouldn't take it back because they said that it had well over an hour of talk time on it!! I then bought aMotorola Quantro, which lasted until last October when the battery cover wouldn't stay on tight.

    I then bought an LG Beacon slider phone, to which I thought was very cool. Then I found out that the friggen battery won't hold power for more than a few hours. They told me that's normal for newer phones. I told them that it's bullcrap!! Then I bought another battery for the phone w2ith an external charger. $35 for that! Bought a black cover for it. $15 for that! Bought an eternal portable charger. $15 fror that!

    Then the phone itself began acting up!! It would shut off for no apparent reason, it would freeze up for no apparent reason!! I often was forced to remove the battery, put it back and reboot the phone!! I took it back to one of their corporate stores and they friggen wouldn't take it back!!

    Oh, and the rebate; There was supposed to be a $25 rebate on the phone. I sent in the neccesary paperwork. A few weeks later, I get a post card from themj, saying that they were refusing to give me the rebate, claiming that the forms had arrived too friggen late!!! That had totally pissed me off to no end!!!!!!!! I decided to leave them!!!

    In addition to all of the other friggen problems that I was having with them, the lousey service, no longer being able to pay the phone bill online, being raped for $3 just to pay your own phone pil at one of their outlets or corporate stores, not being able to disable that friggen voicemail service and being ripped off for every little thing else, not being able to pay the bill at their small outlets using my debit card because they want friggen cash only, I'VE DECIDED THAT ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! I HAD IT WITH THEM, BUT FIRST, I HAD TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER PROVIDER.

    Looked into Boost Moble. Found out that they have far better service, can pay the bill at any Radio Shack store using my debit card, and can eliminate that aggravating voicemail service, and that they have the shinkage plan that eventually reduces the monthly bill by $15, so I happily joined Boost Mobile!!!

  22. MetroPCS sucks terrible horrible customer service.

    For over a week I argued, begged & pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

    Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at

  23. Metro PCS store In Pompano Beach florida had a sign stating, "Hiring-BILINGUAL ONLY". ONLY-in America! How disgusting is that! We know they won't hire us in south florida but to BLATANTLY STATE HIRING BILINGUAL ONLY! Been trying to ask corporate if this is a corporate policy but impossible to find phone number/person to talk to! DON'T BUY METRO PCS. By the way, the reason I was in the store for the second time in less than a week is because my brand new phone couldn't hold a charge. Metro Piece of Crap.

    1. I have been searching for a way to file a complaint or ten myself

    2. For once, can i speak to a manager?
      U guys are ridiculous!
      Can someone please give me a managers number?
      Killing me with horrible customer service.
      My service is awful!
      Please treat me as a person!
      Could u do me at least that favor?
      Seriously guys!

  24. Metro PCS , swallowed my $40 , just because one of they agent paid to a wrong number, humans make mistake, but metro says it cannot refund,I had to pay again after and wanted my phone to start in an emergency , its 3 months of run around and phone tagging from one supervisor and thousand of case # , problem is still not solved and not refunded , think twice what I just wrote .

  25. Stay away from this Company. The old saying "you get what you pay for" fits this company to a tee. Not only have I spent $100.00 on a phone I cannot use, but they refuse to refund my money or give me an even exchange. Their outsourced customer service department is an aboslute joke. There is not one person at the end of this telephone line who has any knowledge of Metro's phones or how to troubleshoot and resolve any problems you are having. Further, these outsourced employees have no basic customer service skills and are only rude and will hang up on you if you question them for any length of time. Metro PCS should be at the top of the list for worst companies in America. I will be filing a formal complaint against them with the FCC.

  26. Was watching the Ranger baseball game and they announced that Metro PCS was giving away free phones and all you had to do was go to this website and enter the sweepstakes. Well, guess what???? The website ONLY had the rules for the sweepstakes and NO way to enter the sweepstakes. I will be contacting Fox Channel4 News in Dallas to look into this company and their pathetic practices.

  27. I only got a phone with metro pcs, because i made a couple mistakes in my past and have bad credit because of those mistakes. All I see on here are people badmouthing this company and their representatives. I personally have had a few discrepancies as well. It seems to me that metro pcs is taking advantage of their customers and doesnt care about them in the first place! I have been with this company for just one month now, and will not make it 2 months. I would rather go back to carrying around a pager then support this nazi company any longer.

  28. I work in their call center and I realized that the rather have you cover up the problem then to fix it please don't be mad at the rep you get on the phone they can only refresh your phone its corp. that needs to make it better

  29. On Wed Aug 22nd I went to the A store In Fl took over two hours to make a decision on a good phone I wanted the Samsung Galaxy 3 that just came out the Sales Rep J advice me to get the one like he had which seems ok he literally talked me into it.Upon getting the phone I was heading out of state which I also told him. the phone was a nightmare I had so much frustration for friends and family to hear me I called metro customer service to see if they could walk me through fixing the problem they couldn't hear me either reps could not hear me either.I took the phone back to the store within my return time frame and wanted a refund for the phone i TOLD THEM i WILL EVEN LET THE monthly charges go just give me back my money for the phone that is when they are disclosing their return policy to me that I have 7 days or one hour of talk time I am telling Metro please refund my money in order to avoid publicity from the news Media

  30. I am the Senior Director of The Region for TOKOVA. I am interested in speking with your purchasing director. These new phones are the future delivered now. Please visit for more information. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  31. Hello, im vert upset due to one of your call centers... Very un provfessional hanging up on your customer or supposely dissconnected..whoever doea the,automatd machine needa to redo it.. Do to false advertisement....

  32. I am also having problems with Metro. I got a phone that i didnt like brought it back within 3 days it only had 8 minutes talk time and the guy cursed my son and his girlfriend out because they took it back for me because i was sick. He chased them out the store and even attempted to open the car door when my son took off!! Then i go to a main Metro store and they said they cant do anything because i didnt buy the phone there that Metro dealers are "independent" and they make there own rules? But they sell Metro phones and use the Metro name and the booklet i got with my phone says"The Metro Promise is if a customer is not completely satisfied with there phone they may return it for a FULL REFUND"!!! What kind of shit is that? ALL THE COMPLAINTS AGAINST THESE PEOPLE HOW ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS???