Friday, October 29, 2010

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters in California

Facebook is located in Palo Alto, California. The complete address for Facebook is listed below:

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
156 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605


  1. PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO Mr. Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook


    Dear Mr. Mark Zuckerberg,

    I believe was founded by you connected to me through Military Satellite Surveillance and Tom Hanks and not limited to. I am connected to all companies of Disney Productions and Country and Western and not limited to. I believe you stole my ideas for your company through my hardships and life experiences and my employment at Intuit, Inc. in 1993 and or 1994, and possibly your connections to my prior employments. Nothing is limited to as your company has been under Federal Investigation, but I will share that you had everything to do with me facing a book. There are other details. People have come forward who have stolen from me and my life and my son and so forth who participated in the Conspiring and Piracy that took place. I have more than several men that can testify on my behalf that you started the company Facebook by stealing from Military Satellite Surveillance and from me Donna Jean Kuecker Paul. I will give you one notice to come forward to either Cheryl Jennings or Cynthia McFadden of Channel 7 within 5 business days about your illegal involvement in my life. I am also going to tell you that you may keep this company Facebook in the event you make me co-founder and negotiate half of the companies profits and half of the co-founder profits, this will have to be negotiated or Facebook will be sued for its entirety to be mine solely as the Founder of Facebook, and you must also comply and turn in everyone you know involved in the San Jose and San Mateo Sheriff's Office connected to MAP and Joe Montana and his brother there, all the Police of course, CHP,FBI,and Allied Barton Security of course, Rosendin Electric, Independent Electric Supply, You are not to do anything to Facebook to defame it and or harm its business. Technically I own,, and eBay, and not limited to, a bunch of them have come forward to Channel 7. I was told this by the CIA Satellite Surveillance. Please come forward within 5 business days to Channel 7 to either Cheryl Jennings and or Cynthia McFadden and I will only sue for rights for half of and its profits, and not limited to. In the event you do not come forward and confess that you stole the information from me Donna Jean Kuecker Paul and give all conspiracy and piracy information, you will not only endure a Law Suit from me, but it could lead to your arrest. As Co-Founder of Facebook, the half I own will be shared with my son Preston Paul along side of me, so we will both be silent Co-Founders, both sharing the 50% Co-Founder name of the 100% Founder title of Facebook and its profits. Wayne McFadden, Attorney at Law, located in San Mateo, CA is the brother of Cynthia McFadden and they are taking all information and coordinating the Law Suits, if you would like to make the situation simple and free from harm of arrest. Please do not come to me in public I am under CIA Satellite Surveillance and please do not try to bring harm to anyone else, I am connected to Witness Protection Services also in the event they are needed. In the event you do not respond to this email, I will see you in court Mark Zuckerberg. You have been under federal investigation, please cooperate. Thank you very much.


    Donna Jean Kuecker Paul

    1. REALLY............ARE YOU ON MEDS??? YOU SHOULD BE. I'M JUST SAYIN..........

    2. Dont date married men...that will solve your problem

    3. lying bitch

    4. Is it possible to delete people's names from a picture you are trying to see. Why would anyone think that their name is better then the topic being. Viewed? If you folks at corporate have any influence on what can be randomly added as pics filter through, it would be greatly appreciated if you could stop the assholes that like to cover pictures up with their names. Other then that great fuckin job (-; thanXX. M.J.M

    5. I was recently charged on my Visa card for having FB. It was only a $1.00 BUT how did FB get my credit card number??? I am disputing it and having the sight investigated..........

    6. Yeah, I bet that won't happen soon. Bank of America will pursue.....

  2. I am locked out of facebook I accidently typed my password wrong and it locked me out, now it won't let me reset my password, and I can't figure out what to do next

    1. me also, only my computer knows the password. Now what.

    2. the same thing happened to me. Only I also accidentally started a new page with my name thinking I was resetting my password on my existing account. I sent fb an email and they asked for a picture of my ID to verify it was me. I gave it to them and they unlocked my account. The problem is they unlocked the new empty account and not my orignal account the one I am trying to retrieve in the first place. the one with all my pictures and freinds. What do I do now???

    3. how did you get them to reply to your e-mail and how did you send them your ID copy?? please post the correct e-mail address here.

      i have tried everything possible to either have my profile removed or to have my access restored, but i just get a message thanking me for my e-mail and stating that they do not reply to all messages received. i am desperate as it has caused me a lot of embarassment when people try to contact me through that profile.

    4. i'am also locked out need help to get back on

    5. Did anyone figure out how to get them a copy of a pictured ID for verification purposes? I'm locked out, frustrated and not able to contact anyone at FB for help. Like someone else stated, I just keep getting the thanks for your comments email.

  3. how do you pitch an idea for facebook?

  4. for some reason you have blocked from sending and answering my mail!!why?
    alexandra's Orgonite

    1. Rev Fraser Minaj LindsaySeptember 21, 2012 at 1:51 AM

      this is a very common problem to which I'm currently trying to figure out fbs t's n c's x
      love and light

  5. "HOW WONDERFUL"!! My little granddaughters are visiting Disney World in Florida for their Spring Break this week. Thanks to Facebook and today's technology All our friends and family have been enjoying their magical trip at Disney. My husband and I have enjoyed photos throughout each day and exchanged "chats" and messages. It's like being there in person with our family. Thanks FACEBOOK, you have served our family well.
    Kathy Thomason Hammonds

  6. I have been unable to find my page since changing my admin email address - I started a new one but now I see that is not kosher to you all; I really want the old one back! HELP!! This is my job at stake!!
    - Show quoted text -

  7. I play the Bingo game on Facebook by Spice Rack Media. Every room you go into is like a porn site. The language, the fowl mouths on there are disgusting. It's really bad on there. It say's on there that when there is swearing and things like that, report them and they will be banned. I have reported many on there and nothing is done about it. These people do not get banned. I have contacted the authorities about this. I also contacted the BBB about this.

  8. Is this website yours?
    As a user and someone Great full for the Facebook experience: when a website, which uses the Facebook logo and asks for login info is presented to the Facebook user; we as users have no way to validate the legitimacy of that website. And also it took me 15 minutes to find anywhere to ask the question of the origin of the website in question. Sad Facebook, Sad. For us, the users which we are great full for the opportunity to use this platform should have an easier access to submit security issues of fraudulent websites.
    Thanks for listening.

  9. The way Friends are made is by meeting strangers. Which you FaceBook penalize people for. Requesting strangers as friends according to your rules is bad.What a massive oxymoron!! Fix it!!

  10. My Boyfriend is separated from his wife & she has taken over all his accounts every time we lock it out & have reported for abuse she's able to get right back in! What good is the lock out when anyone can get back into the account? She is harassing me by posting rude, threating comments through his account & we seem not to be able to do anything about it!!

  11. My facebook account has been compromised and I no longer have access to it. The person(s) who did this is sending harrassing messages to all my contacts requesting money. I have had ZERO luck on all facebook related links in reporting or resolving this issue. THIS IS IDENTITY THEFT AND YOUR COMPANY'S LACK OF ACCESS TO TIMELY CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR THESE TYPES OF ISSUES IS UNACCEPTABLE.

  12. I am pleading with you. My friend By the name of Natasha Papannah-Persaud (!/profile.php?id=1433672366) has a serious problem concerning her identity. Someone created an account claiming to be her on facebook. This account includes hate speech, degrading of character information, and threatens her identity. Natasha Papannah-Persaud is a married woman and a respectable one at that. Natasha Papannah-Persaud and i are pleading with you. We are kindly asking that you remove that account. Here is a link to the profile, so you will take a look at the information the person has on it. -!/profile.php?id=100002327410294 . Please delete that account.

  13. Facebook you seriously need to do something when it comes to adding friends on block people from adding people such as family and friends...??? An error message pops up, and then we are blocked for no reason other than simply trying to add friends, and loved ones. I have been adding several of my friends who are in the performing arts...they have fans just like any other need to do something about these such ads, because it's not right to penalize an innocent person for simply trying to add a friend/family member or loved one!

    1. Catherine J Mesiano , Esq at cmesiano@hurvitzlaw.comJanuary 17, 2012 at 8:48 PM

      I agree with this person. I was recently blocked for looking for family members in Italy in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Europe. Someone must have reported me but I do not know who. At least give a person notice and let them respond before you block them! I was looking for my relatives who were in the USA when I was a young girl. I would never contact someone for an improper reason. I am an attorney who is professional, responsible and respectable. Facebook has not even given me a chance to respond ... How dare you ! I am very Offended and disappointed in your company!

  14. What a bunch of winners.
    For those of you that can't just enjoy Facebook for what it is.. DON"T USE IT!!!!!
    But for the lady that had a great experience in Disneyland with her family It is a great place to connect.

    Thanks Facebook

  15. My names Edward Fletcher just like hundreds of other people, so how in the hell did you come to the conclusion that my account is faked?
    Now what the hell am I supposed to do about all the friends I made? You cant contact them (facebook)to get anything done, thanks for oougatz!

  16. Why does facebook have problems between the hours of 6pm - 10pm. Is it because a lot of people are logged in, and the servers can't handle the load? If thats the problem, can you add more servers? I don't like when we play games and it doesn't log in, it's getting to be a pain-in-the ASS!!! Please reply to my email address-

  17. FB has themselves covered wouldn't be surprised if they have a "deal" with the government.

  18. Facebook really helps you filter out whom are real friends. If you don't have an account with FB and these others do your are totally cast aside and forgotten. Certainly shows you how fickle and easily led people can be and whom you can depend on. Hope they find the same kind of friends they were to me.

    One way to be unfriended, don't belong to FB.

  19. I was wondering is there any way that you can create a way to make a "friends list" and an "associates" list. I was just wondering because a lot of people I don't consider "friends". Those people don't need to see every status or picture. They can see what I want them to see. This would be a great way to separate your friends, co-workers, family, and associates. I'm sure this would take a lot of work but I am very interested in getting my idea implemented. As a 20 year old girl, I must admit I have certain things I don't want my family members or co-workers to know, but I don't mind if my real friends know about. If there is any way you could take my idea and get Facebook even more personable, that would be terrific! Jasmine Lynee' Battle

  20. I am thoroughly disgusted that I can not contact Facebook directly by phone or email to specific persons such as the webmaster. I believe that I have good input but seem to have no where to send it!! Plus, I have serious user problems that I need addressed! Please help me to connect too your company infrastructure!

  21. To whom it may concern.
    My name is Miriam Cabero Velasco-Arquero on Facebook. I've been told by my friends and relatives on Facebook that this Facebook member name "Joy Polintan" is posting all kinds of BAD NEWS (calling me dirty names)and also have placed my picture on the profile page. She is also asking my friends and relatives to be her friends so they can read what she has written about me. I have an idea who this is because whe has lived at my house for the last year and a half and her name is Merigin Caneso or Gin Caneso or Gin Juice Leones. When I kicked her out of my house for gossiping about me, this Joy Polintan started to post all kinds of bad things about me and my husband. Please, can you do something about this? I believe this Joy Polintan account was used by another person (her enemy before)and she has copied this account for her use. Please help me stop this slanderous obsessions that this person has started. Thank you for your immediate action.

    Happy FB'ing...

  22. The password that appears on my account settings page has fewer characters than my actual password. I've reset my password by indicating that I forgot it, but the number of characters appearing on account settings never changes. I can log on to my account, but I can't make changes, can't utilize mobile upload & can't even deactivate my account. Problem is now 34 days old & "The Facebook Team" has done nothing to help.

  23. I am a Facebook customer.I have been down since fridayjuly16 2011 9:30pm.have tried all you self help to no avail .Was asked to send in a photo ID which I did.have called, emailed ,begged and still no help.You seem to have little reguard for a paying customer.I have spent well over one thousand dollars in the last month.Facebook may be great but your Customer is lacking..Mr.Robert Babajtis

  24. Hi facebook security or creators, I have called the coroporate office about my 2 year old daughters picture on someones profile that i did not give permission to have asked her to take it off and she wont. I have also made many reports like you guys asked and facebook told me i would be getting a email confirmation to take it off, and i have not. Its seriously been a week nd im concerned about my daughters saftey. when i asked her to take off a picture she replied ill post the picture on a pedefile pornographic site. If something is not done soon. I will be forced to contact the press and with the recent press with the digital camera situation i dont think your company wants publicity saying your failing to keep the community safe. Its a two year old come on this should take priority to facebook lock outs thanks

  25. how do you report threats and sexually explicit conversation while playing games on facebook. it stinks that it is nearly impossible to report something like this and have something done about it immediately.

  26. mr mark zuckerberg i was playing double down casino it had been three time your company has fuck over my chips that i paid for they drop my chips down from one and a half million down forty thousand i am very damn upset about it just fucking over people money you need to refund my money back orput my fucking chip back in

  27. Don't do site maintenance on the weekends PLEASE this is when a lot of people have a chance to get on due to working during the week!!!!!!!!!

  28. facebook please allow me to send a comment to vanguard please.facebook please allow me to send a comment to vanguard please.

  29. Wow! I guess I, and several other of my friends, aren't the only ones who are having a tough time with Facebook. We are being cyberstalked by a known felon (she stabbed two people, one was her own father the other a pregnant woman)and even though we block her and all her aliases she still manages to break into our fb pages and threaten us. Now, I can't get into my fb page because she has "reported" me to fb accusing me of heaven only knows what. Facebook needs to develop a better way to prevent innocent people from being locked out of their accounts by vindictive people. At least, Facebook, if you close someone's account, have the courtesy of sending them an email to let them know why they are locked out and who made the complaint. The woman who is giving me and several others a hard time on fb has been under investigation by our local Sheriff's Dept. The detective assigned to the case told me and another person also cyberstalked by this woman, that she is very mentally ill, unstable and very dangerous. But fb won't listen and we who are this woman's victims still suffer. I guess I won't be getting my fb friends back. Thanks loads, fb. You rewarded a hardened criminal and further enabled her illegal acts. I hope the Feds investigate you!

  30. Dear Facebook
    I am very unhappy with the way facebook is working now and the changes that have been made. If an actual person reads this you can post a response.

  31. Dear Facebook
    I am very upset with the way you do your updates, Here I am getting use to the last update you did and than bang, you slap us Facebook user with a new update called the New stories update witch I find is really not necessary, we that use Facebook already see what people put as there stories of the day. It pops up on everyone's Post all the time. I just wish that you would start giving a heads up before you do more updates, Or do something, Like fix Facebook where we can keep our home page to the one we like or update to the new if we like it. Like MySpace dose. This new update should be a choice that we decide to make or not, not Facebook all on it's own. So Give a heads up before you make new updates so people now excusably whats going on. Because there a lot of upset people with the new update take that to concentration next time before you update Okay.

  32. I'm pretty sure nobody at Facebook reads these comments/concerns or even gives a fat rats fanny about what our concerns are. They have made it impossible to give any kind of feedback to anyone who matters and they sure don't make us feel like they care.

  33. Dear people at Facebook,

    You have a very clumsy way of dealing with identity theft and you seem to make it near impossible to have corrections made. This has gone on now for three years that I am aware of. I know over twenty Facebook users who have made complaints about their identities being stolen and yet you have done NOTHING. I expect your company will go down the tubes--which imo it should. I expect you might lose a class action suit, and were I in the US, I would do my best to bring one against you. A pox on your house.

    To Anon who posted on September 21, I hope you're not holding your breath waiting for any type of response. The corporate headquarters people DO NOT CARE.

  34. be aware, there is a new facebook page for the president that takes all posts (public or private) and posts them on a barack obama friendly page. you can not block the page and reporting it does no good... its disgusting that FB is allowing this to happen.
    and when calling their corporate office, you get an automated service and you cant speak to someone directly. talk about pisspoor customer service

  35. I think it's sad you people take away our privacy on FACEBOOK...It will not be long and this site will go down just like myspace !!!! It is getting bad when you fix it to where everyone who can see what we post on someone wall from the right side above the chat! The least you can do is give our privacy back from every person on this site!!!!!!

    1. I know Myspace was cool most people left and I don't really like it as much and it feels like you can't really meet people or share info like before....

  36. My Facebook account was phished and I was asked to reset my password. I attempted to do this for an hour to no avail. I found a phone number which is a joke because all you get is a recording that says customer service isn't available and to use an email address that cannot be found. I want my account back.

  37. Hi my name is Ron Pease i have a problem on facebook i had two friends that put me on there profile friends list but i can't chat my name is there on the list but the bar got cleared out and i don't have any check mark on letters C list and L list but you need to scan down the names to find it thanks for your time

  38. does anyone have accurate knowledge on how to contact a supervisor of operations on a deactivated account please?-was deactivated after i was hacked,Facebooks own help team at proved this and asked for reactivation of account,a clerk in user ops will not activate.It cost 170 dollars to prove this and now i have the taint of wrong doing as i had work related Facebook sites attached to my account where we recieved info about work.I called HQ and tried fax number-no good.I do not have money for a lawyer but man this compant is more powerful than any dictatorship!-They like the nazis they say u r and then they cut u off and the world runs from the truth cuz NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN! No appeals,no face to face talk,no people just FB say ur bad and the world nos ur bad by their standards!-This is not right,they get millions in advertising money from us!-some sort of appeal to a superviser after their Help people prove u were hacked should b allowed.To have a company more powerful than many countries of the world and allow them to besmirtch a person without redress of the accusation is dangerous.FB is so big they do not care of law suits and what their damage does to others.This has to change,but its very hard when ur at 800 million users. Help and info would be appreciated!-thanks tom

  39. my account was disabled about a day ago and it still not working how can i fix it

  40. What is all this about???? I received this email into my account.

    1601 S. California Ave,
    Palo Alto,
    CA 94304.

    Ref: 990078567
    Batch: 9056490602/333
    Winning no: FB8701/LPRC
    ticket number: 987061725 07056490902
    serial number: 7541137207


    This is to inform the bearer that You have won the sum of $1,000000 OUR 2011 SWEEPSTAKES (Facebook Inc) This is a bonus to promote our users worldwide through this online lottery, Which is fully based on an electronic selection.

    We hereby approve you a lump sum of $1,000000 (One Million Dollars) in Cash Credit File- ILP/HW 47509/02 from the total cash prize for eight lucky winners in this category.

    All participant were selected through a computer balloting system drawn in Nine hundred thousand E-mail address on Facebook website from the listed countries: Canada,Australia,United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania as
    part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually.

    This Lotto was promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the Aspect that impacts peoples lifestyle worldwide.

    Further more your details(e-mail address) falls within our European representative office in Amsterdam, Holland, as indicated in your play coupon and your prize of US$1,000000 will be released to you from this regional branch office in England.
    We hope with part of your prize, you will participate in our end of year high stakes for US$1.3 Billion international draw.


    Simply contact your Fiduciary Agent
    Name - Catherine Shelton
    E-mail address -

    Please quote your reference,batch and winning number as well as your full name, address and telephone number to help locate your file easily.

    For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize released to you. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.
    This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted taking advantage of this program by non-participant or unofficial personnel.

    Note, all winnings MUST be claimed before the end of this program; otherwise all funds will be returned as Unclaimed and eventually donated to charity organizations.

    Once again Congratulations on your winnings.
    Yours faithfully,
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Online coordinator for Facebook
    Online lottery

    Introducing the New Facebook Home Page Based on your feedback, we've made some improvements:

    * Streamlined updates
    * Faster page load
    We hope you enjoy these new features and that you will continue to help us provide innovations that make your experience the best it can be.

    The Facebook Team
    ©2004-2011 All Rights Reserved.

  41. My account was working this morning and when I got home it keeps saying Account Temporarily Unavailable, I need this fixed... But how?
    Its making me frustrated.

  42. dont know what happened to my account. all the info on my friends is all gone. i hate the new setup. what has happened. i had a whole list of friends and now they are not there. hate this.


  43. To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to know how I erase an account. I somehow have created two different accounts. One just says where I graduated from high school with no picture. The other is where I do all my posting and is the one I want to keep. Please let me know how I can erase one of my accounts. Thank you,
    Sincerely, Carol J. Goeser

  44. Facebook administration please enable my facebook account,this account is my life.I have many friends with which I'm able to contact only by facebook! facebook is my life and if my account is disabled,so am I too.please it would be my golden pleasure if you enable my facebook account name is -your name-, and describe your profile picture i would like back all my face book pages i have many groups and fan pages and the work i did on them are all gone please help restore me to full

    1. Do you think they care? They don't give two shits about you being disabled. I am disabled, and on chemo and this has been my only means of communicating due to lack of mobility and they have allowed some fucking whore of a MARINE from MAXIM who looks like a web cam trollop bully and manipulate them into believing I should be suspended. My death will be on their hands and hers. Karma is a bitch. I never did anything to anyone on this fucking thing other than try to sustain communication and life. Now due to some sanctions and bullshit, they will allow a porn star from ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS MARINE BASE to fuck with people just because she wants to be a money earning whore with no morals. I hope all of you burn in hell.

  45. OK, so let me see if I got this straight Facebook administration. I can not upload and post copyrighted videos, but I can post a URL that displays and plays the copyrighted video. In other words, I can't violate copyright laws but I can post a URL on Facebook and tell people how to get to another site where other people are violating copyright laws... I guess this logic and facilitation makes sense IF YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!

  46. My facebook account for Hilary smith was disabled for 'friending people' I don't know?! Infact ifriended people I do know and If they don't want me to and haven't told me then why should I be punished. I think there is a serious error here.

  47. I have a suggestion, if someone "needs" to use profanity on FB posts,to express themselves then use something like ^^^^^^^^^ or some character or choice, instead of letters. (For those wondering what ^^^^^^^ means, it's something like look-up think higher thoughts.) Anyway, those who use profanity can fill in the blanks and those who don't use profanity can see it as characters. Or Facebook could offer a service, on the same principle as TV Guardian(foul lang. filter) and charge a fee to blot out profanity for those who pay a fee(2.95 months). This would preserve the right of free speech and give some peace to those who don't want profanity seen in their posts or posts of others.
    So see if someone in the Facebook Corporate could get us a FOUL LANGUAGE FILTER, PLEASE. Thank you.

  48. my page in fb name is LAOSTE WORLD. i see this page on my profile last night bt next day not in my profile. what is this??? i want my page lacoste world back. becoz this page have more members... so its a req.
    thank yew

  49. HAPPY F*******G NEW YEAR!!!!!! I have been locked out of my account for 7 days because facebook says that I asked people to be my friend that I don't know. If they would take the time to look they will see that it is only from the gardens of time - add me - page that I asked these people. I will tell you that this company is absolutely b*** Sh**, The only reason I even started on this crap was because of my kids and family. And now you do this over something that facebook offers, what the hell. I am furious, This is appalling to me. FIX IT NOW THIS IS JUST CRAP.

  50. To Whom It Concerns - I am accused of asking people to be my friend that I don't know and that is false. I want to know who are the people and when was that request made? I rarely go on facebook. Something is wrong, I know I sometimes forget to sign out and stay on for long periods of time, if my account is compromised how can I know? Where do I make a complaint? This must be corrected facebook. Please look at my history. Facebook, if this isn't corrected, I certainly don't need facebook, I can do without it. Please check your security.

    1. The same thing happened to me and also to a friend of mine. She said that she has people "accepting" her friend requests, except she did not send any friend requests and doesn't know these people!

  51. Hello Mr. Zecky and others related to the configuring of facebook. I understand that many came together to create this wonderful end product of a project gone really right! Some people can say that this experience online have made all the difference in their lives. While this election I expect that Facebook will play another major role in filtering election ads/photos/videos/ and the truth about candidates not allowing negative ads the ones that smear candidates image without the truth behind it. I encourage fans with members of the corporate site and owners to look into the arguments of page Jerell Thomas and justify one wrong to be right in the name of the Lord Amen! Please stay a company of allowing the true democracies of a democratic nation come to life... Allwoing those constitutional rights of the individual freedoms of liberty to come to life... When the other man came together with his brother man, MEN became created!

  52. Facebook you are crap. You allow hate sites to proliferate and allow their members to bully and harass others buy getting them banned from what you bill as the next way to promote a business.

    your censorship of some for sayingF to someone suggesting murder is appalling but typical of the IT world.

    you want to pretend to be open but in reality a group of bullies directs who can stay and who must go.

    You have no trials for making someone persona non grata. they get no warnings. and you all better start living up to being better than the Chinese government. hell you claim it was them that censored some but we can see that Facebook does enough of it's own.

    Facebook Write to those you have banned. Give them a trial a way to respond. or don't pretend to uphold any values but those you allow on your pages. And some there incite murder regularly.

    WronG Paul is a mindless idiot.

  53. I am sick and tired of having facebook screw with my page and profile when I have verified I am a real person I gave you my cell number via text and you have locked it and cannot even answer your phones. I am an activist who exposes geo engineering and corrupt politics I have the right to expose crimes of chemtrailing being sprayed on me how dare you lock me from my pages. why don't you go after all the porn on your sex.

  54. I am sick and tired of having facebook screw with my page and profile when I have verified I am a real person I gave you my cell number via text and you have locked it and cannot even answer your phones. I am an activist who exposes geo engineering and corrupt politics I have the right to expose crimes of chemtrailing being sprayed on me how dare you lock me from my pages. why don't you go after all the porn on your site.





  56. Christopher J Ehrentraut Sr., Ph.D.January 27, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    I am a retired prof who uses FB ONLY for social networking. I am UNINTERESTED in the Sales & Marketing tool that IS what FB is all about. I attempted to sign in to my account today and was presented with a "security challenge" which required me to provide a "telephone number" at which a "code" would be texted. I own NO cell phone. I use Magic Jack and enjoy VOIP telephone service. The "option" for a "human call" is NOT working, so I am essentially LOCKED out of my account with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. This account has my timeline and personal information that I DO NOT choose to share with the public, Mr. Gibb's WH, or any corporate entity that I do not specifically intend to share it with. I NEED to access this account to delete it and all my personal info that was only meant for family and friends.

  57. Snap out of it people! The day has long since passed when Mark or his "Facebook Team" cared about what you think, feel, or have to say. You are but one of 800,000,000+ (and growing) users with facebook accounts. Do you really think a few disgruntled comments are going to raise anything other than an amusing smile. Doubtful that this blog is even noted, much less read by any from the coroprate office....just a tool for us stupid common everyday people, thrown out there with a little snide laughter and one pat on the back to another, with intentions to apease the less inteligent and disgruntled facebook users. Come on now??? Isn't it really a waste of your time and overly taxing to one's self to think that your concerns will resolved much less addressed...espically in light of the fact that in all of facebook smoke and glory that regardless what phone number you can't get ahoold of one human voice...all automation my a robot....uncaring and they just plain and simply...don't give a damn about you...or what you think. Suck it up and go to tweeter like the rest are starting to do...and remember this...Even Rome fell:)

  58. do you realize that by locking people out of there facebook accounts violates the first admendment right also violates the racketerring influence corruption ACT OF 1930 OF THE RICO LAWS AND YOU HAVE ME LOCKED OUT OF 4 OF MY ORGINAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS TO PLAY MY ZYNGA GAMES

  59. FACEBOOK CROOKS ARE SNEAK THIEVES AND NEED TO GROW SOME SCRUPLES! Recently, I was offered $50.00 worth of free Facebook Ads. As a struggling small business owner, I though, "How wonderful! How nice of Facebook!" I should have known there was schystery behind it. Sure enough, as soon as I clicked "I accept" link to easily facilitate the opening of the ad campaign, I see my debit card being hit with $50.00 a day in charges! I shut down the campaign, spent hours navigating Facebook's labyrinthine maze of FAQs and prompts designed to discourage and frustrate FB users in trying to communicate. All I got in response was a flippant "You are responsible for managing your ads account, not us." I reminded FB that I never once received an account verification prompt to approve any charges against my account! What they did was akin to coming to my home with the gift of a delicious cake, only to return to my home everyday, without notification or permission to help themselves to whatever I had! Although it may be time consuming and pointless, it's high-time to go class action on FB's ass!

    Last month I attempted to post a comment online in the readers comment section of my local newspaper, (something I’ve occasionally done for years), regarding a news article. To my surprise, I found I’m now unable to do so unless I have a Facebook account, which I don’t. A few weeks ago I attempted to do the same on a national Newspaper with the same result. Similar attempts, to test my theory, on other national news media produced similar results. And just a few days ago, on an unrelated issue, I attempted to submit a question online to a federal govt. agency, with the same result. So today, I attempted to comment on a story published by WND, but without success. In addition, when I tried to post a question to the IRS, I was denied access. Can you guess why? Yes; I know there are other means to access the IRS on line. But I mention this as just one of many examples of the new interface between Facebook and Government and issues of censorship, privacy & increasing govt control. In trying to ponder this new phenomenon I recalled that early in 2011, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, met with President Obama. Note that Facebooks’ influence played a significant role in electing Mr. Obama and Mr. Zuckerberg was a major financial supporter for Obamas' 08 election campaign, as he'll likely be again this year. This all may just sound like a paranoid conspiracy theory. But if you verify some of my research you will likely see the same patterns I’ve observe and perhaps conclude that this situation bears further investigation. If our government has a hand in requiring a Facebook account for anyone wishing to comment on the news media, contacting government agencies, or expressing views, political or otherwise on any media, then this is not only a serious violation of anti-trust law, it violates our 1st & 4th Amendment rights. In view of this and coupled with the fact that there are now serious privacy issues recently surfacing regarding Facebook, I submit that this is an issue of concern.
    Note that I and many others concerned with privacy, refuse to submit to requirements for a Facebook account if we wish to have our voices heard. But in doing so, we effectively relinquish our 1st Amd rights, as comments on news media bulletin boards, frequently co-opted by government, are now subject to “review” , (read here –censorship). Also our 4th Amd Rights are violated by privacy issues now plaguing Facebook. In a videotaped interview with Mr. Zuckerberg several years ago, regarding privacy, Mr. Zuckerberg commented: “Anyone wanting to be on Facebook and expecting privacy is a fucking idiot”. With the intrusion of government and Facebook now forced down our throats if we wish to have even our censored comments heard, it seems Mr. Zuckerbergs’ words now ring true.

  61. Facebook & Privacy
    Has anyone noticed this? Facebook – once just a place to hang with friends – now appears to have taken over our media and our government. Think I’m over-reacting? Try to post a comment to any newspaper – you need a Facebook account. If you want to write in a question to the IRS, you need a Facebook account. Although I have one, I don’t want to use it for this purpose, nor link my Facebook presence to any of these other areas. This has been an increasing problem and given the issues Facebook has with privacy settings, extremely disturbing. Many people are trying to get away from Facebook because the changes in the privacy setting, made by Facebook without our permission, expose our personal life to the world. I am even considering dropping Facebook for this reason. For those of us who choose to use Facebook ONLY as a means to connect with friends, this move to force you to interact with the media and the government thru Facebook violates Constitutional rights. We should have the right to contact these agencies without a requirement to have any particular account. We always did in the past. Why is our government selecting out one company for special privileges? This all began with a face-to-face between Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama. What’s next? Choosing our ISP for us? For those who do not want Facebook to be the interface to all media and the government, we need to protest this and get Facebook out of our faces.

  62. How can I buy Facebook Pre IPO stock?
    Are you going to sell stock on the retail market?

  63. YOU ZUCKERBERG SUCK!!! You set up a world where people get harassed and have no ability to file a complaint with you!! No phone support. You can't report anything UNLESS YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!!1 FUCK YOU!!! I don't want nor will ever want a facebook page but keep getting stupid harassing invite spam from your obnoxious clients. YOU GIVE NO ONE WHO ISN'T ON YOUR STUPID FREAKING SYSTEM AN OPPORTUNITY TO GET RID OF THE IDIOTS THAT LIVE ON YOUR GOD DAMN SITE!!!! I'm filing a complaint with the federal government to look into YOUR practices of proving no support to those who harass and misuse this site.

  64. I closed my account years ago, but if I search on my name the facebook link still comes up. How do I get you to remove my name from all history and servers. I don't want to see that link!

  65. FYI also I don't want all my personal emails connected to facebook...

  66. I can't get the email to stop. I was getting over 1400 a day. I disabled my email in order to stop this because I could not find a way to do in you settings.

    Is there a way to stop all emails?

  67. some body else using my facebook page instead of me....I wanna be back to my page admin

  68. To whom it may concern:
    We see nowhere on your help section that deals with this topic, of Friends Requests complaints.
    I own a very famous acting school in the Chicagoland area. People are trying all the time to befriend me on my personal professional page, I don't get upset when people I don't know send friend requests. I either accept or don't and often ask how we can help each other before I make that decision.

    But sometimes I'll stumble accross someone I haven't seen in awhile or someone who I don't know intimately but has rented our theatre or other various business levels of contact and I'll send out a friend's request. Some may even have a axe to grind that I am not aware of which being in business is always part of doing business, and they make a report that I don't know them and FB in turn affects a temp block on my account. This has now happened to be twice in the past several months whereas I just discovered that I now can't access certain functions because of this complaint for 14 Days.

    I believe this is unfair and someone should have the opportunity to rebutt the charge and confirm where they may know any given person from and you may find that there is an error on the other parties actions or they are just abusing the FB system.

    I don't see why someone just doesn't simply reject the request instead of calling a one-time request an abuse.

    I would like to appeal this 14 day suspension, but I see nowhere on your site showing how to do exactly accomplish this, PLUS FB makes members jump through all these hoops, to shield your offices and departments, which adds further frustration to deal with a problem such as this and others, instead of having a clear and simple path to a solution.

    Request you forward this to the proper departments and advice us on how to deal with this problem, getting suspension and other similiar situations resolved easily.

    Respectfully submitted
    Edward Dennis Fogell
    Artistic Director
    The Chicago Actors Studio
    2040 North Elston Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60614 USA

  69. hi my name is Benny Allen hansen me is deaf and why i nee dot have my daddy cell fone to get the code fo rmy account you peopel are really messy up of deaf children liek me or other people and you have been disable my account to many time and all them pictur eof me is MEEEEEEEEEEEEE and you need to stop disable my acount and not give me them stupid text code because me can not hear and if me give you my daddy hoem fone of the TTy or Sorenson how can you send me a text please you FB Booker need to left Deaf children and deaf people alone me is 16 years old and me have hard time to understand and so now this have to stop !!

  70. Facebook placed large numbers of individuals on my wall, then told me I could not friend them because I do not know them. If Facebook is certain I do not know these people, then it seems reasonable to conclude those individuals shouldn't been placed on my wall in the first place. Facebook is preventing me from making additional friends for seven days. Since Facebook is a social site it seems reasonable to friend others to get to know them just as you would in any other setting. Oh, by the way be very careful about the information you place on Facebook, too much information could come back to haunt you.

    1. I GLORIA BULLOCK a member of fb myself have the same proublem,this is the 3rd time i'm put on probation,this time for 30 do they know who is ur friend and who is not,then why do they send a list to you saying here are 25 people you may know?
      silly,I'm really tired of this crap,Wish they would get their crap together,I'm glad someone out there understands,

  71. Recently change my phone number listed on my FB account. Now it sends the security code needed to get into my account to my old!

  72. I do not like the fact that I cannot opt out of the timeline. TO me and others I know the time line is confusing and not how we want to use the program. I think it is terrible that we are made to follow a format just because someone got it in there head to change it. There is a very good possibility that I will no longer use it now will my friends.

  73. Obviously you guys don't get the fact that your users, for the most part, hate the idea of being forced to use time line. Why not just make it optional? Duh??? If it ain't broken, don't try to fix it.It's unimaginable what a huge mistake it would be for you to force this format on your users who simply don't want it. How difficult is it for corporate to understand this??? Again, Duh!!!!!

  74. Mark Zuckerberg,
    I think you should shut facebook down for one day. Just one day and see the reactions and panic everyone has. I can't image money being lost off of just one day. Everyone revolves around facebook. I will admit, I do not go one day without looking at my facebook. What would the world do, ONE DAY WITHOUT FACEBOOK?
    Stephanie Johnson
    Henderson, Nevada

  75. mark or who ever the hell runs your company. I think you morons should stop changing the look and feel of your site every other week. What are you...freakin walmart? You want to improve it that is fine....make it better and more secure but dont make it so different that we cant do the simple tasks that we were just able to do two days ago and NO....NOT everyone is interested in or gives a shit about some freakin stupid timeline.


  76. Please allow users the opportunity to "Opt Out" of the Timeline changes coming soon. The simplicity of the site is what attracts users. This is why Google has lasted and MySpace failed.

    There is a growing resistance to this change. The advertisements and constant changes is the primary reason most left MySpace for FB. I wish to keep my current account, but will be moving to some other networking application and closing my account. I believe a vast majority of others will do the same.

    FB User.

  77. Please, get rid of the annoying Timeline. I've yet to see anyone who actually likes it.

  78. I'm so glad facebook was invented this past year and a half my husband, Gordon Norton, Jr., was introduced to facebook because of that he was reunited with his mother, sister and family. It was the best year of his life. Two weeks ago my husband died. He traveled across the country, as he was a truck driver and I traveled with him, so he could not be with his family and mother that much. Facebook was there for him to communicate with them. I had a wonderful 9 years with my husband, although he left me in debt, I would do it again.

  79. I do not understand Facebook, they seem to want to block you more then enjoy using there site. Facebook is a social site where you connect with friends and create new friends, everytime you try to know a new friend they block you for days saying you are spamming, what is the benefit of the site if they continue to do this, it is wrong, especially when no one has complainted about spamming against you rather answer your message direct, Facebook get real.

  80. my profile is blocked. i do verification about 10 times a day! sending my passport to them, it tells me 'we will contact you shortly via email' and i am still waiting, since 6 april!
    there is NO WAY to contact facebook, how else do i get this fixed?

  81. "This geeks make FB user friendly"

  82. Please install a button to opt out of timeline. Then please install a button to allow us to view everyone else's FB page in the old format, not this horrid timeline.

  83. I am about sick of all the ads Facebook is allowing on the site. First it was the timeline, then absurd ads everywhere! Spam is out of control, and I know my one voice may not matter, but I am starting to regret ever signing up. I use to love Facebook and all that it entitled, but now I am just annoyed with it. You people suck and are cowards for not having anything but this to contact you with. facebook<<<<<ANYTHINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Jessbess Goldenchild Traynor Jessbess Goldenchild Traynor Vote yes for petition for buffett rule. Keep it going we need new signitures to pass the law. Bush is one of the ...See More

    Become a Citizen Co-sponsor of the “Buffett Rule”
    Sign the petition: I'm signing on as a citizen co-sponsor of the Buffett Rule. All Americans should pay their fair share.
    2 minutes ago · Like ·
    Jessbess Goldenchild Traynor!/daevynsmom

    Golden Child (@daevynsmom) on Twitter
    Sign up for Twitter to follow Golden Child (@daevynsmom). Wilted like a dove, withered as the dove , singing songs of lost love. Now Im sorry that corporate american including facebook does not respect my 1st amendment rights. I can see that now that I am posting this on the occupy ... websites. Well despite your harassment to my character I do believe the only abuse is coming from your office. I ask you to reverse my posting so I may ontop of that give me back messaging or clearly you are commiting reason as defined as this on this website : there for violation the consitution , the bill of rights and my personal favorite Freedom of speech.

  85. Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

    I have a huge problem created FaceBook My fiance read something that stated "I follow Zoosk ( a dating site) five hours ago". Now he wants to know why I was on this site.

    Now he thinks I am lying to him and it has created a huge problem with us.

    I have not followed this application for over a year and it does state under the application usage on my FaceBook profile that I have not followed that site for over six months.

    I don't understand how or why Facebook would state that I followed Zoosk last night. I am wondering if FaceBook or Zoosk is using my profile and Picture as advertising for the dating site even though it has been well over a year since I was an active member.

    I don't appreciate this and need clarification as to what is happening.

    This is now causing undue and unwarranted stress on me and I know I'm not crazy and I have not been on this site in over a year. Please help..

    T. Udrija

  86. I have a huge problem created by your service. My fiance is accusing me of being on the dating site Zoosk last night because he read something that stated "I follow Zoosk five hours ago".

    Now he thinks I am lying to him and it has created a huge problem with us.

    I have not followed this application for over a year and it does state under the application usage on my profile that I have not followed that site for over six months. Is my profile pafe being used as advertisement as a prior member of Zoosk? If so, how do I stop it?

    I don't understand how or why Facebook would state that I followed Zoosk last night.

    I don't appreciate this and need clarification as to what is happening. I have also copied my Fiance on this email and would appreciate a response sent back to both of us.

    This is now causing undue and unwarranted stress on me and I know I'm not crazy and I have not been on this site in over a year. Please help..

    Thank you.

  87. To whom it may concern at FB.
    I have been restricted from friend requesting a few times.
    And on at least 3 occasions it has been when I was trying to friend request and old friend I haven’t seen in 25 years.
    A window popped up and told me friend requesting a stranger is considered spam, but I knew that person. So I tried again and that is when I got restricted for friend requesting for 3 days. Several months after that my co-worker told me to friend request him, I did and the same thing happened,,,then I was restricted for 2 weeks!
    Months after that there was an old friend I found and we had over 140 mutual friends, I friend requested him and the same thing happened again.
    My question to you is this, what makes you think I don’t know these people, and why is it you have such a tough standard about friend requesting. A friend request is just that, it’s someone wanting to be a friend, it is not spam! Why do you consider someone wanting to be a friend,, “spam?!”
    Now that I’ve been restricted I must be on you black list, because you are now removing my friends on a daily basis, I’ve had several close friends that you removed wonder what happened, I was confused as well. And when I went to re-friend request that close friend you removed, you slammed me again! What kind of game is this??? I reunite with an old friend, you remove him. I re-friend request him,, you slam me with a spam penalty and continue to remove friends during this restriction. This is the most childish game ever.
    You seem to be aggravating about 80% of your members, and you don’t seem to care about it.
    Your “help center” doesn’t do anything. I have left you my phone number, and you obviously know how to message me and email me and you never ever have responded.
    Currently I’m on another one of your foolish suspensions/restrictions and you just love removing my friends with this foolish game you have.
    I’ve changed my password to a better stronger password, you still remove my friends. It no hacker, it’s you FB.
    Take a survey, I strongly urge you to take a survey of what your members think about your customer service. You will see that 80% think you customer service and your restrictions on friend requesting and your penalties flat out suck.
    My friends see it and know it, you are not fooling anyone. We all know that FB plays little childish games like this. I really hope you either get smart and fix this to accommodate your members or that someone buys you out! Because this is just foolishness.
    Here you create a site to reunite friends and make friends!
    I don’t mind when someone I don’t know friend requests me! 90% people don’t either, take a survey on that as well FB.
    If it’s someone I don’t know I don’t feel comfortable with I just don’t accept them, again, that is NOT SPAM!
    It’s that simple, accept or don’t, but you have to penalize and then remove friends and play your little games.
    If I were you I’d rethink your position on this and take my advise. Take a survey before FB becomes the new MYSPACE!!!!
    Don’t think it won’t happen. There are other people starting up their own site just because they are fed up with FB.
    So you just might want to rethink your policies and foolish restrictions.
    I will get this letter to the top, if there is a corporate of FB. I’ll find it and this letter will get there!

  88. I HATE the timeline!!!!!! I do not like going on facebook anymore!!! I hope the timeline goes away. Has anyone heard if they are going to do anything about timeline????

  89. I think we should be able to send friend request to anyone because it's up to that person weather to except it or not.Facebook shouldn't decide who we should be friends with.

  90. Facebook, Inc. moved to San Mateo, CA. Does anyone have the actual mailing address and contact information? They seem to be laying low lately.

  91. I'm from Indonesia .. Help me to open my facebook account

    I've seen my email but there is no notice why my facebook account is blocked.

    Facebook is where I communicate with friends and family, also with my colleagues. I hope my facebook account reactivated.
    So far, I always write lots of good reviews about facebook in my own webs many is often accessed by the Indonesia.
    I can only guess maybe my mistake why my facebook account is blocked because I always confirm every friend recommended to me.

    If it was my fault then I will not repeat it again and more selective in adding friends.
    Forgive my limitations in speaking English

    Hopefully you will receive an explanation and my apology and willing to open my facebook account again
    because facebook very important for the continuity of my communication with friends and family

    Greetings from Indonesia


    Every year 27 million small businesses with 10 or fewer employees in the U.S. and an estimated
    200 MIllion small businesses of that category world wide spend over 200 Billion in
    advertising in their local paper. The prime motive for this advertising? Just to
    keep their name out there. IN other words ,it is not results based.
    The more specific reason for this advertising is that every town or city has a
    number of events each year which the reputable business can't miss out on.
    It could be Veterans Day, 4th of July, the annual Chamber dinner,some local award
    contest or the anniversary of towns founding. Regardless, these businesses will
    run $250-300 ads just to be seen to be doing it.
    Facebook coud easily get a big chunk of this 200 Billion market by taking the following steps.
    1)Set a population range to work with(start with towns of 0-20,000) and determine
    the number of towns in that category.
    2)Contact the highest subscription local paper in each of these towns or another
    high profile user in that area.
    3)Offer to partner with the local paper so that when they run print ads, businesses
    will get FB ads as well. 99% will do this is the fee is nominal. Say 50.00
    4)After doing this for one event per year, expand to multiple events.
    5) Follow up and repeat each year.

  93. If anyone’s interested in facebooks corporate contact numbers, here’s the list of office numbers for their main office in Palo alto California.

    650-543-4800 public contact number
    650-543-4801 official fax
    650-543-4802 office number
    650-543-4803 office number
    650-543-4804 office number
    650-543-4805 office number
    650-543-4806 office number
    650-543-4807 office number
    650-543-4808 office number
    650-543-4809 office number
    650-543-4810 office number
    650-543-4811 press contact number
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    650-543-4816 office number
    650-543-4817 office number
    650-543-4818 office number
    650-543-4819 office number
    650-543-4820 office number

    1. Thank you so much! It's ridiculous they don't have phone support. My account was hacked. The Hackers changed my email address, my password and my contact information. The Hackers email is That is NOW my contact info, so the Hackers will be contacted when I try to reset my password. It totally sucks I can't get in touch with anyone from Facebook.

  94. I despise this dumb timeline! You need to have a way for people to disable it! Also, I do not think it is fair that some of my friends and family have NOT received the timeline! IF YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE IT CHANGE EVERYBODY'S!! All I want is some way to get rid of timeline. People should have a choice! Your ratings would go up it you gave people the option of a timeline or the old layout. i need information on how to get rid of timeline, or you need to change it back to the old layout.


    There is a like page on your "FACEBOOK" and its "DEAD BABY JOKES" a lot of people I know are really angry about this as its been a while since it was made and NOTHING is still not getting done about it the sad part is a lot of people are liking it there are petitions to get this shut down but as "facebook corporate office headquaters HQ" am puting this to you to do something about it below is the link to the page please do something about this as there is a lot of people upset as they have loosed their babies!/profile.php?id=422912285264&__user=100003483631079

    Many thanks

  96. facebook is blocking Africa and Blacks activist for political gain ,we are going to sue them,for facebook true is hate,

  97. I cant believe that FB wanted to charge me $30 bucks to install a software to beprevent someone from posting pictures of my kids on their own FB page. I never concented for the person to post my kids and have requested they remove the picture. It was not done now FB wont assist me with stopping someone else from posted pictures of my kids. This is beyond bull sh** that I think I will seek legel advice. NO ONE should ever be allowed to post a picture of someone else childern without both the parents concent. FB I know without a doubt I am done with using your program. If you wont help protect our childern then Shame ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Why are closing accounts
    Without any convincing reason

  99. My facebook is broken and has been for a week now. I can't access help to get this fixed as it won't work. There are heaps of issues with it, not just one or two, it's affecting my games as well.

  100. I had a picture of a naked young lady that had been beaten
    by men. It is on my page. Something needs to be done about
    this. It is from people in Africa. I hate seeing this. They have
    beaten someone daughter. Please do something about this.

    Thank you

  101. Recently I received a chat message from a friend on facebook saying they had won some money from facebook and I was on that list. I was given a website and the man said I had won money from facebook and I needed to pay $900 for handling fees. The man even used the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's name. I declined and warned my fb friends, but you need to know this is going on and stop it. I am retired and on a fixed income and this could be serious for someone who does not decline this offer. Katherine

  102. Dear Sir,

    My Name is ashish Chaurasia and i just want to inform you that my account has been hacked twice, i regularly played poker on facebook and once i had 8 million chips which was hacked and since last night i had 2.5 million which are invisible today morning, so i request you to refund my chips or forcefully i need to take furthure action against your website and it can be big issue for media also.....if you dnt do anything abt that i drag u to court also........

    Account Name :-
    Password :- ashuashish

    Waiting for a quick solution frm ur side


  103. what is the date that insiders can sell their stock?

  104. Too many people are saying horrible things about our President abd it needs to stop. So FACEBOOK go check out Lori Barwick page and put a stop to this.....

  105. DEAR fACEBOOK MAIN OFFICE (I hope)MY name is Gloria Bullock ,, I have been a fb user for some time now,but grow tired of a warning that I have recieved now for the 3rd or 4th timef a warning sayning that I have added friends I do not know,Why on Earth would someone do that? I add family \friends\old school buddies and such. friends of friends and do not understand why I get this Warning.
    If I click on someone by accident (which I doubt)they do not have to accept,they can simply decliThen To recieve A threat from You was way out of line,I was sending my cousin a message who is not on my fb list yet telling her I would add her as soon as I was free to,And YouSent me a Threat saying I would be blocked from any further friends request,if I continued my activity of attempting to add while on restriction. Bad ideal.Who are you to say or know whom I know and whom I don't. Did you grow up in my life? Do you know all about me? Who are my parents/? Brother? sister? Aunts,uncles,and I could go on.... The morjority of my fb friends are related to me ,Thank you very much,So Who aRE YOU,and what rights do you have? If someone complained I'm sorry,They Do Not Have To Except,I hope you understand where I'm coming from,Im not an idiot,I held my tounge the first and second time but this is getting out of hand,
    To whom ever complained I'm sorry.
    Ready to leave your astablishment if this is not taken care of.
    Gloria Bullock

  106. I used my FIND FRIENDS button to find friends , I only request friends if we have other friends in common . Facebook blocked me from sending anymore requests for 14 days . They state that I don't know the people that I'm requesting . Well da !!!!!! Please give me the meaning of finding / making friends ? You make friends with people you don't know -- because people that you already know , you can't make friends with because you already are friends . YOU CAN'T MAKE A FRIEND , A FRIEND -- HOW DOES THAT WORK ???

  107. think you better take a look at your rip off casino games i lost 1300 dollars on a ripp off double u casino game on your site,,,and it doesnt even pay real money back..startin to hate facebook after that ...

  108. think you better take a look at your rip off casino games i lost 1300 dollars on a ripp off double u casino game on your site,,,and it doesnt even pay real money back..startin to hate facebook after that ...

  109. I've just had my facebook disabled, for no reason whatsoever. I made the account yesterday after the previous account was again, disabled for no reason.
    I received no explanation for this, I believe this to be completely and utterly out of order and wrong. I've emailed facebook appeals about it, but would rather speak to someone on the phone, yet facebook doesn't seem to have the balls to put a number up to complain to.

  110. Hello, I have been receiving friends requests from young ladies claiming to be working for FB corporate. This time Idid message back and forth to try to gain a little information. Probably a mistake on my part. I asked for a telephone number and she gave me a 513 area code number. I called it, and it had nothing to do with the information I got from the poster. Within 10 minutes I got a call from a 702 area code number saying I called their number. I did not.
    Do you want the names used and numbers I talked about above to check this out. Either a crank or an attempt to hack into my computer. I have to assume I am not the only one getting these and you must have heard from others who are concerned. This is the third time this has happened..

  111. Recently, I tried to open a FACEBOOK account. It seemed to be okay. My friends and family are in, with no problem. They keep bugging me to join. So I thought I did. Then a hit a 'brick wall' with a message "We can't import contacts from this address yet. You may try one of our supported email addresses." I got into a Facebook chat room that stated each person was a "support hero". Right, uhhuh. 'Marin' told me to look into, so I did. That was useless. Back again, I spoke to a second person, she seemed interested but never got back to me. I got the run around. I feel like I'm in a cyberspace purgatory. I can't enjoy talking to my loved ones, but I can't delete everything. Is there a Facebook chat where people know their ass from their elbow? Any other victims? I am going to write to them, three different addresses in California, no response? then I'll go the California Attorney General. If you have a continuous complaint, do this, too. the more the merrier.

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