Monday, October 11, 2010

Adobe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address


Adobe Corporate Office is located in San Jose, California. The address and phone number for Adobe is listed below:

Adobe Corporate
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110-2704

Their Canadian Offices are located in Toronto, Ontario. The address and phone number are listed below:

Adobe Canada c/o Digi Group
3300 Bloor Street West Suite 3140
Center Tower, 11 Floor
Toronto, Ontario M8X 2X3


  1. After a wait of 90 minutes to get through to your India based customer service department, I worked with Shekhar for 30 minutes as he tried to resolve issues I have with Photoshop Elements 9. I was unceremoniously cut off after 30 minutes while he was commandeering my system. 2 hours and now I have to go through the process again. Customer service reps should ALWAYS have the customer's phone number so that should there be a situation like this, they can call back immediately. Did you expect me to get back into the cue again last night after 2 hours? Terrible customer service in this instance!


    Well I have emailed you what I have been emailing you for the past several years...
    Here it is attached AGAIN.

    >>> custservidentit-e 2/7/2011 2:45 PM >>>


    Thank you for your message.

    We are not able to accept links to websites as proof of eligibility.


    Customer Service

    Identit-E, LLC

    From: Todd Cotton []
    Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 10:23 AM
    To: custservidentit-e
    Subject: Re: Adobe Student Teacher Edition - Action is needed to complete your product request

    That "Date" is when I was HIRED. It is like that on all employee ID cards here at Casper College. Plus, I included my Driver's Licence...

    I have to go through this each time I order with Adobe... AAAARGH... Love your products, hate your paranoid Customer Service.

    Check Website Assistance at the bottom of this page:

    and my Faculty page here:

    Please respond ASAP.

    Todd Cotton

    Casper College

    New Media & Web Coordinator
    Adjunct Instructor - School of Business & Industry

    t: 307-268-2273

    c: 307-277-1857

    >>> identit-e Customer Service 2/7/2011 7:34 AM >>>
    Date: February 7, 2011
    To: Todd CottonEmail: tcotton@caspercollege.eduRegarding Product: PHXSW3-7903-7967-9686-7575 - Adobe Photoshop Extended CS5 Win ESSD UEStatus: Eligibility Verification is ON HOLDINSTRUCTIONS FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE:We have received either a school issued photo ID card or documentation with a date that does not indicate current employment. Please send additional documentation that confirms your current employment. “Current” is defined as within the last 120 days. Your faculty ID must include your name, the school name, your photo and the current date/term.

    If you DO NOT have a faculty ID that meets all of the requirements above, you may provide a photocopy of a valid photo ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) AND ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: a pay stub that includes your name and the school name and is dated within the last 120 days or a letter written on school letterhead that confirms your current employment with the school.The eligibility verification process may take up to two business days after receipt of your eligibility documents. You may review the progress of your submission, or upload additional eligibility documents by using Check My Status: to Provide Proof of Your Academic StatusTo review document requirements: To upload your documents: Respond by Email:Scan the required documents and attach them in reply to this email. Your filename should follow this format: yourlastname_yourfirstname_yourproductcode.jpg (example: smith_john_12356.jpg).To Respond by Fax:The fax number is 800-616-1603.Information sent by fax will not be processed unless your full name, email address, telephone number, product code and product purchased are provided along with your faxed documents. Faxed information may take longer to process.All requested eligibility information must be provided within 30 days of our request to you. If you do NOT provide the requested information within 30 days, your request will be rejected and we will not be able to provide you the serial number(s) for product installation.If you have questions about your product or the installation process, Contact Adobe Technical Support: Regards,Customer Service
    Identit-E, LLC

  3. Jim Campbell Case# 0205425152March 7, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    I ordered Lightroom on 2-24-11 and was told i would receive it in 5-7 days. It did not arrive. I called customer service and after a lot of "conversation and pushing" I discovered my product had not been shipped and the order was still pending. The rep told me he would "escalate the case" and I would receive a call back from a higher level person that same day. After waiting three days I called and went through the same process until I asked to speak to supervisor only to get more runaround. This took over an hour of being on hold and did not get a definitive answer. Your customer service is the worst out of Dell, AT&T, HP, Microsoft, Canon, Nikon, and TurboTax. Just to name the ones I have had an opportunity to call in the last 6 months. You need help.

  4. What customer service? I've definitely experienced customer disservice up to and including being deliberately hung up on. I have yet to speak to anyone whose first language is English nor have chatted with or spoken to anyone female.

    No, I did not use foul language or scream and yet the agent chose to hang up on me rather than listen.

    They reeled me in with a free program and now they own all may photos and when I try to register for the product I paid for, they do not recognize me as having bought. They have debited my credit card but still don't know me and no one seems to know how to overcome this problem.

    If I had some other way to save my photos, I certainly would not use anymore of their

  5. Vaughn Hart case no.0182863260January 6, 2012 at 9:20 PM

    Hi, I have an ongoing issue with customer service. After spending 3 hours with a photoshop issue, which I paid for, I was told my issue couldn't be resolved and that a level 2 tech would contact me within 48 hours. Well I missed the call. I then emailed them from within my account telling them to try me again within a 5 hour window. The called on a different day. Then I spoke to level one, he assured me level 2 would call later that morning between 9am and 10 am PST. The called at 6 pm, missed that call after being home all day. Then I called again, explaining what had happened and was assured they would call during a specific time and that this young lady would be working and assured me she would be on top of this to insure they called. I raced home before the appointed time, it is now 5 hours later and NO call. I simply fell that customer service is instructed to creativly LIE to customers to make them feel better for the moment, ruin their day later once they were nolonger on the call nor responsible. So, I have wasted yet another day waiting for a call that didn't come. I am so disappointed in their customer service I would be hard pressed to recommend adobe based on this customer service experience.

  6. I just got off the phone with a level 2 tech who was excellent. He helped to "solve" my printing issue and explained there seems to be history of problems with my epson 1800 printer.
    As of now, it is printing fine and he was so kind to send me his email address in case I needed further help. Talking on places like here and facebook makes all the difference in the world in terms of being heard. Thanks for listening.

  7. As a professor of business, I try to stay attuned to the ways in which major corporations treat their customers, a hallmark of competitive performance. My recent experiences with Adobe firmly support the notion that Adobe is simply not that concerned with truly serving their customers.

    Here are the specifics: I have a windows vista computer (64 bit). I find that the latest Adobe Flash player (a ubiquitous element of net infrastructure) is no longer functional with the vista 64 bit operating system. One must migrate back to an earlier version which is now not operable with many sites such as This orphaning of vista 64 owners is the kind of customer harassment that demonstrates failed product leadership. It is no wonder that Apple made the decision they did. You deserve this fate. There seems to be a kind of DNA in this company's strategy that is unconcerned with the lowly customer or established trends in the industry. Its our way or the highway. What a great Harvard Case this would make.....learn from this business students. This is how to run your company into the ground with a haughty sense of inflated self importance.

  8. Dealing with Adobe has been one of the most frustrating and irritating internet experiences I've ever had. For two weeks I've been trying to gain access to an on-line service I purchased without success. I have spoken to and chatted with numerous people in India, with no results. If this is the way Adobe treats its customers, I certainly won't be buying any Adobe stock anytime soon. Judging by some of the comments I've seen written by others with regards to Adobe's customer service, its obviously it has become Adobe's policy that customers only matter until the money is collected.

  9. I bought your Adobe Audition CS5.5 some time back. But had some problems with it… BUT health went to the dogs for some time... (Service Connected Vet... & the VA did a # on me... a lot of infections & surgery’s, etc, etc.) I was UNABLE to install and use it... except for 1 quick try... to wit found it quite different and could not at that time get into it... Once I was able to get my health back to the point to try and reinstall your Audition CS5.5. And again when I could not figure out the problem this time I was able and Called your people and was told what the problem was… that the person that sold CS5.5 either did NOT know the product or just out to make a sale… and that I had to either PAY for your new upgrade, BUY another program like NERO to use in conjunction... ETC, ETC... When I first bought CS5.5 I was told it would make Version 3 seem like a child’s toy.... I FULLY explained what I needed and what and how I was using the program and was told by YOUR sales staff that CS5.5 would do EVERYTHING version 3 did PLUS so much more.... That is / was an out and out LIE. When I did call yesterday and talked with YOUR TECH support... I found that CS5.5 DOES NOT have the capabilities to burn to disk as Audition 3, and your new 6. I was TOTALLY LIED TO ABOUT CS5.5. I know it took a lot longer than the norm to find the problem... but that was not my fault... but when it was found that your product was sold to me under FALSE capabilities just to make a sale... Your customer service people could have... but refused to correct the problem caused by my being LIED to by your sales people... then your "overseas" powers to be could care less about someone here in the US being screwed over!!!! The supervisors name was told to me as being Mr. Pranav... We double checked the spelling! UNLESS I was also lied to about that likewise! I doubt that I will hear from you, So I will give a slight chance for you to correct your Company's people lying to me... and you can have this Audition CS5.5 back... it is of NO Value / use to me. Apparently Adobe is harder up for the $100.00 than I am... I hate to think this is how you treat all Customers, to wit I have been for many years... but may real soon be NO LONGER!! As you can tell… I have not had time to calm down from being lied to by your company… but what bothers me most is your people DO NOT care about service… just getting the sale and hope their lies don’t catch up with them till it is too late for the customer to do anything about it. A lot more I want to say about this… but am just getting too upset that you would treat a loyal customer this way… I can’t think straight!

    And if you think I may be lying about ANY OF THIS… I run a program called Personal Logger and all the conversations with tech support and then you’re so called customer service is / was fully recorded.