Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zynga Headquarters and Corporate Office in California

Zynga's Headquarters and Corporate office are located in the US. The address is below:

Zynga Corporate HQ:
365 Vermont Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Zynga is famous for social networking games and smartphone games. They let users play with their friends across social networks, mostly Facebook. offers game forums and support online. Zynga's customer service phone number is 1-800-762-2530.



  1. To whom it may concern,
    This note is about the Zynga game Farmville,last year it was so wonderful building your own cemertary,the head stones & many other great things for Halloween.Please bring them back this years.The selection is awful & on top of it you have to pay with fv money atleast you had somethings last year you could pay with the fv coins,what gives & whats going on with the candy cluttering the gift boxes you cant open eggs .very disappointed in you this year. Halloween is not fun at all in farm ville & im sure im not the only one that feels this way,
    Thank You
    Jane Ploneis Wallace

    1. my farm is not even letting me post anything i cant take it its been a month now my valentines is not letting me post to get my stuff im very upset help

    2. My game is stuck in a loop of Whoa Farmer, your support agents keep telling me the same things about flash player and browser choice, it is not my computer Zynga it is your game!!! Stop recoloring the same stuff over and over loading us down with useless quests and fix the errors, please! thinking about starting a class action law suit. I have paid for a product I can not use.

    3. I just lost farm dollars because of an app error and got told basically nothing we can do . This surely besides being morally wrong is unprofessional for a company of this size . Unfortunately can't find anyone to help on this and no connect address on here either ? Not nice guys

    4. Hello joy, this is Mike and I will try my best to assist you with this matter

      I'm reading here that you didn't buy the Penguin however the system shows that you did. As soon as I got aware of the situation I went ahead and verify your account.

      Unfortunately we were unable restore the Item or the Farmcash. I understand this is an inconvenience for you but I can assure you we never intended to make you feel unhappy, our main goal is to provide a fun environment to our gamers.

      Here is a link to our restoration policy so you can be aware of it.

      Kind regards,
      Zynga Player Advocate

    5. I have had a problem purchasing your zynga games for weeks ..for some unknown reason that none of your agents can explain, i've been given a purchasing block would think that removing it would be fairly simple, but not with zynga customer support ..i've been jerked around, told that my ''case'' would be transferred to another dept, which of course i've never back from was an obvious lie just to get me off the phone and stop emailing asking for help have the only customer support i'm aware of that discourages purchasing your product say my experience with you and your customer support has been a disappointment is putting it mildly !!

    6. I've spend hundreds of $$ on this games and when I need assistance, I'm ignored. I'm not spending another dime! You're customer service is the worst I've ever seen. You might as well say, there is none.

  2. i had played zynga texas holdem poker, but a few weeks ago, my account had been compromised. i lost my chips around 10milions. please check this problem and give my chips back...i love play poker..and 1 more, the also had a security alert about advice me to change my password and tell me to check and follow the instruction given to my email, but i did not found that email message in my email account....
    thank you.

    1. lots of cheaters on Zynga poker as well as bots that can run the game and win everytime. Zynga knows about this issue and refuses to do anything about it. They sure do send you a reminder to buy more chips funny how that happens right after the bot has taken all your chips. I think something should be done about this gross operation of a game site. DO NOT BUY CHIPS

    2. Zynga doesnt care, and that is what will be the downfall of the company , it will take time, but all of these companies with poor customer service will fall. I have been hacked so many times i cant count them all. lost 2 billion chips, and I am sick of robots taking my money. So i will watch now as zynga goes down the drain 0nce more people wake up

  3. yes my account for playen texas holdemm has been banned and i wana get it back dont no why it was banned in the first place thats bowl crap so please thankyou

  4. Your company is nothing but a bunch of liars and thieves. You get people to buy your poker chips and when they are stolen you act like it is our fault.You also refuse to acknowledge any post from the MYSPACE platform about the broken Mafia Wars game they have. No updates for almost a year,fight list broken,gifting broken.Whenever you send a customer complaint all you get are the same old copy and paste replies every time. I for one have had enough of your BULLSHIT. I have deleted all my ZYNGA apps, Facebook and Myspace as well.
    Never again will I do business with a company who has such piss poor customer service and has such a disregard for the satisfaction of it's paying customer base. F__k you Mark Pincus, and F__k you Zynga. have a nice day.

    1. Made a $25 purchase on Dec. 6th. 2012 and was told I would get live chat for it. Sent emails, received replies to give more info, replied with more info, received more replies asking for more info, send the additional info, received more replies asking for more info or replies not even regarding my question. (The zynga staff that is the absolute best at this (meaning the worst) is Nino, he always seems to give just a canned reply of how to clean your cache no matter what question you ask him. I saw atleast 20 email posts from users in forums from him saying how useless he is) Finally received billing support phone 1-800-762-2530 AFTER playing email tag for 30 days. Was told there that since 30 days have passed I needed to make another purchase, even though I spent 30 days after the payment in email tag with zynga support reps and they never fixed my problem and had live chat enabled. Anyway so I made the additional purchase on Jan. 30th. 2013 and he told me he guaranteed I would have live chat in 24 hours when the system updated. 24 hours later, no live chat, called the number back, got the runaround from 6 agents on 6 different calls. Finally got a supervisor, she said she would send an email and I would have live chat in 48 hours. 48 hours later no live chat, had to call back, same thing was told they would put in another ticket. Was told by the first agent he also needed my CC info, so I gave it and he ensured I would have live chat within 24 hours. 24 hours, still no live chat. Then all of a sudden unauthorized charges are being made to my credit card. Not only do I STILL after 60 days and two zynga cash purchases, one game card and one directly through facebook do not have Live Chat. What I do have is a stolen Credit Card number from ZYNGA STAFF, unauthorized credit card charges. Two zynga purchases, countless hours of wasted time, countless emails to zynga support which most replies were not even close to addressing the actual question they received, most were canned replies about game loading issues or how to clean my computer cache! I knew how to clean my computer cache before most zynga staff people were even born!!! The best reply of all was a canned reply apparently zynga put together on how if your account is not in good standing because you had to contact them more than once about an issue you do not get support, and I was told that since their own billing support had to contact zynga development team more than once about my acct I MAY have fallen into this category. But he never stated if I did or not only that I would have a reply in 48 hours, that reply was told to me about 30 times now from different zynga reps. That email reply never came, the reply that came was the same canned response.

      The biggest thing in the whole incident is: Yes you GUESSED IT "I STILL, YES STILL do not have live chat or premium support"

      Funny how zynga staff will take the time to STEAL my credit card info and use it FRAUDULENTLY but will not take the time to give me what I paid for and what they stated they would give me for my purchases.

  5. Well, I personally found the customer support person I spoke with to be kind, considerate and knowledable. Even though he could not help me and had to "escalate" my issue to a higher authority, at least he spoke to me like he was genuinely concerned about my issue. In my humble opinion, Zynga needs to disassociate itself from Facebook and go out on it's own. Facebook is the reason I will no longer be dealing with this company. It's a shame really, I enjoy the games, but until Facebook fixes it's own issues, I won't be supporting Zynga anymore. Not only am I no longer a PAYING customer for you, but you will have to refund me money in the end, all because of a Facebook screwup.
    Thanks for the hours of fun I use to have!
    Bobbi Lovejoy


  7. I have been on hold, rather no one has come to the phone, in 54 minutes!!!


  9. i have been unable to play fishville i have several hundred dollars tied up in the i can't play it. they (zynga) say they will get back to me in 48 hours that has been 1 1/2 weeks ago and i still cant play.gary jones sr

  10. i just posted a comment and you haven't the guts to post it.i think zynga customer service sucks.

  11. Try cashing in a Frontierville gift card!Better yet try calling customer service. They must be busy with all of the "not happy" customers. Please spend ZERO money with this company. As they LOL and take your money they "DO NOT" care about customer service.

  12. where are you people in space there is never a answer on your phones only recording omg whats up i no this is a waste of my time but what kind of support do you space aleins have? and why cant i get the 360. million i won on slots went to chat live they wanted a screen shot. how am i to give you that win i went back to get won the winning where not there but they new that .please get the game write or we will be gone.THAT IS NO JOKE

  13. i was playing poker the other day and my screen flashed and left me with only 800k when i just won a big pot of 55 million and zynga are saying that i wasnt hacked or anything like that.
    they are saying i lost themin normal game play when i know full well that this has happen and i have now deleted poker because of this and i think they need to get a grip of what is happening to there so called precious poker site its full of bots and for people like us that has worked hard to get to where we got and for them to do nothing about it all its just totslly wrong and unfair!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I have been calling and emailing them for at least 5 months and i purchased chips from them for poker and still all i get is emails saying someone will contact me in 48hours and never hear from anyone.they take are money for chips then block are acounts so we cant use them and im starting to wonder why facebook or anyone has them on there pages cause they are riping us all off id love for someone to start a law suit against them or someone with law knowlege to say on here if we have a case cause we all could pay a lawyer the money we would be paying zynga when we run out of chips .does anyone even work there

  15. I won a jackpot in Mafia Wars..have a screen shot to prove it and it didn't pay out. Now they are telling me there is no "proof" of this win. I can't get anyone to answer any of my questions...calling, emailing...everyone I talk to says it is obvious...but they can't "do anything" about it. I agree with the lawyer idea.

    1. I been wanting someone to agree I'm with the lawsuite just need people to agree and stand with me please reply back

    2. Do it. They felt to protect my account, deny my claim based on their corporate benefit.

  16. i was playing shootout and it was me and this other guy, when i get disconnected. I didn't get my 2nd prize money so i email for support and they wouldn't give me back my chips because they couldn't find the source of my disconnection. I have no idea what the source has to do with anything and when i call, they don't have a actual person. WTF.

  17. I was right in the middle of a game when I was banned for some unknown reason. I had over 6 million dollars that I have earned playing zynga poker. I have done nothing wrong and they have taken it away from me. I have called customer support and they have sent it over to the technical dept. I am not letting this drop, I will go to headquarters next. I hope this is resolved very soon because again I have not violated any rules...

  18. Eb from New JerseyJanuary 21, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    I am so fed up with these fake websites wasting my time. This would be a good website to come play free poker if there was WAY better security standards. The hackers have gotten to my account and banned it. If its so easy to ban an honest player as myself, it should be nothing to get rid of the idiots sucking the fun out of online gaming for their own sick pleasures. Ill close this grievance post by saying: If your jealous, get your own. If your mentally unstable, get help.

  19. Yeah, I'm about to start a class action suit against Zynga. I have been hacked for 153 mil, disconnected from many sit n gos, and they will not reimburse me for any of it. They have no direct number to headquarters, and all billing says is I'm so sorry. Well, sorry isn;t giving me my chips back. I want to talk to Mark. My number is 513-259-9694 Mark. I would love for you to have the courage to call me. My name is Ian.

  20. ZYNGA will always be an awful company, even though there some good people employed there. The reason is GREED. Greed on the part of Zynga's C.E.O. Also, because of a profound disrespect for its customers, whether or not they spend money with Zynga.
    Unfortunately, I see Zynga as a short lived company because of their unreasonable business practices, and the poor way they treat people.
    I have heard rumblings about Zynga going public. If that should happen, run the other way.

  21. i think its bs that zynga insist on molesting us on mafia wars and keep taking things away from us or changing things on us, LEAVE OUR GAME PLAY ALONE, AND GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!ITS OK TO ADD NEW THINKS BUT WE'RE TIRED OF THE BULL S**T.

  22. 1.7 billion chips that i won over a whole year of playing poker on zynga is pooooof out the window . I never sold chips and never transfared them but yet zynga decided it was because of abuse they had to bannd my account << what ever that is >> . You learn not click on things or answer any e mails and watch what you say so you can keep your chips a way from hackers and even zynga itself but yet zynga still pulled the rugg from under me and took all my chips to sell them at the sale price to make people live like millionaires , NOT ON MY ACOUNT ZYNGA i`m not keeping quite about this i will join the right lawsuit aginst you and you will hear my voice weather you like it or not .

    1. I sure would like to know the outcome of this. I didnt start playing until july 2011...I really enjoyed the site and played evryday to build my chips...then on dec 16th 2011 Zynga went public. Thats when the bots started taking over, they have ruined the game... i continue to play and have learned to play with the bots even feel like i know some of them.I have played with the same bots for hours at a time and I have lost alot of chips do to them... i play the 100 200k or 200 400k tables and these bots have reached between 1 and 3 Billion chips... I dont even waste my time reporting them anymore. I am starting to wonder if zynga has planted them to take our chips..Due to the crashing of thier stock they need cash flow to bring the stock price up. I used to play in the VIP and for some reason i didnt see the bots, my monthly membership expired a few weeks ago and they are not letting you buy back seems they are doing some improvements and have no estimated date of completion...Now it seems anyone with over 100M chips is getting hacked...I was hacked on July the 4th after i activated the option to have a text sent to my mobile if any unknown device tries to access my account...Prior to that i didnt have any problems...Well i reported it by email and waited 2 days for Francisco Roberto to reply with instructions to secure my account...I followed them even though i am not comfortable putting my mobile number on the account...I then replied to the email and I guess i just wait... They dont give you any ideal how long this process will take...I can only hope that someone will open a real poker site... I would gladly pay a monthly membership to have a secure network...

  23. I have been experiencing problems with Cityville and have sent incident reports each time something has gone wrong. At this point in time, I have 6 incident reports over the past 2 1/2 weeks and have YET to get any assistance whatsoever. Based on this experience, I am sure that this little note will not accomplish anything positive nor will writing the company headquarters. Maybe press coverage or Better Business Bureaus will mean more to Zynga than it's customers!

  24. dear sir maam i just want to report some players whom cheating and hacking at farmville ive got some treat from that person hope you will black him ASAP here are the messages ive got fron his account

    February 9 at 2:52am Report
    u cant goooo awy frm me i m going to hack ur account u watch it out i have a lot account m the hacker person
    m krishna.........................u bitch goona fuck u very bad

    February 5 at 7:51pm Report
    u r gone...................m going to hack ur id becoz u lied to me that u didnt get ut efil tower now justwait and eatch what can i do............................

    OMG now i know some indians are hacker!!!!!

    plz do something about this you have to delete his account he using
    Akash Pawar and Krishna Chourasia account!
    thanks and more power i will look it forward!

  25. Another new problem for me in cafeworld, just another day of totaly being disapointed sure is nothing new same old thing.
    I would hang my head in shame if i workrd for Zynga.
    Never in my life have I seen a corp. that can't ins so missmanaged it can't fix problems.
    When your stock goes public I would bet you would almost go under.
    Stock Holders want to see a profit, this means you will start charging for playing and wanting ppl to buy more cash instead of using coins.
    From what i read ppl will drop Facebook like a hot tater
    I have tried 3 diffrent browers every fix you have had me try nothing has helped.
    If i did not read the of the same problems from other players, I would think it could be me.
    We have 4 desktops 2 laptops same problems on all of them for my account.
    Now i get a new error msg (see screen shot)
    Also a screen shot of what other players are saying. this is only one. I could send you at least a dozen or more of these a day.
    I hope this gets passed on to someone that gives a damn, but based on past experience I rather doubt that a person like that does not exist in Zyna.
    [Incident: 110224-022216] 2-24
    [Incident: 110215-022779] 2-15
    [Incident: 110209-029560] 2-10
    [Incident: 110205-033337] 2-5
    Not one replie other a copy of each chat..... NOT ONE DAMN THING FIXED YET JUST MORE AND MORE NEW PROBLEMS.
    Miesha C.: Hi, my name is Miesha C.. How may I help you?
    Miesha C.: Hello
    Miesha C.: Before we get started… at the conclusion of our chat, I will send you a follow up email including the transcript of our chat conversation. If by chance our chat gets disconnected, I will immediately follow up with you via email, in which we will treat your reply with priority and continue to support any inquiries you may have.
    Not one word sent in email from this person.
    Zynga sucks.

  26. Hoping the folks @ Zynga/Farmville Tokyo and their families are OK. Thoughts are with you.

  27. why was my acount baned?and i lost 32 milons of get 32 milons chips i play 132 hours and u can take back yust like this without reasons?it s fuc.... cheating s a faking bad comercial for faking zynga.i gone warn my friends about this shit(what u doing on faking zynga poker)because of that i gone close my acount and zynga and faking facebook can blow me

  28. Cityville - the Agents are obviously International and get very smart mouthed via Chat.

    After an experience with one - they are supposed to be available 24/7 - the Chat Feature no longer appears on my system.. Hummmmmm!

  29. If you piss enough people off..........Something bad is going to happen.

  30. i just want to put out there that when purchasing like 2 actual dollars from account into your game. which is the one time i ever done that at all online. and the next day i here that someone took money out of my account and got it online, i am pissed. the next time you want to STEEL money out my account again i will sue your whole business. the end.

  31. Had 170 million hacked on Zynga poker imformed support twice who advised they would get back to me in 18 hours that was 3 weeks ago Zynga very disloyal to their customers


  33. Customer service, put plainly, stinks. Nearly 8000 posts in the farmville forums mostly against the pause hindrance and NOTHING from Zynga. Is that what you call customer service???

  34. Zynga, Zynga, Zynga ...... your customers are demanding a response from you re the notorious 'pause' on Farmville. You must have seen the thread in the feedback forum - it is huge and growing by the minute. The silence is not showing you in a good light at all. I for one am anxious to see the pause made optional, but if there are problems for you with that (server capacity, maybe?) how hard would it be for someone just to front up and say so? There's a lot of bad feeling out there, and personally I am feeling demeaned, sidelined, patronised .... surely that is not the way a company wants its customers to feel?

  35. remove the pause

  36. Zynga, someone needs to step up to the plate here and respond to your THOUSANDS of players who are in opposition to this pause 'feature'.

    There has been much discussion and concern surrounding the pause feature in Farmville, since BEFORE the release of English Countryside, and day after day after day a blind eye has been turned toward your players, your customers.

    It is becoming more and more obvious every day that your company has no ethics when it comes to customer relations. If you were a face to face business - you would never survive pulling a stunt like this and then completely ignoring your customers.

    Remove the pause, and address those who pad your bank accounts.

  37. Zynga, I've been playing your games for a long time and I started out with FarmVille. I spend real $$ on FV Cash so I can master all the trees.
    I think it is shameful that no one is responding to the 800+ pages and 8000+ posts regarding the PAUSE feature in FarmVille.
    Almost everyone hates it, or at best wants it to be optional.
    EC is a WONDERFUL concept, and everyone was SO excited waiting for it to arrive. But you've ruined it with the pause feature! Instead of being able to now play 2 farms, we have to choose which farm we want to play. Since I have so much time and money invested in my main farm, it's no contest. Most of your high-level, money spending players are letting their English Countryside sit idle until PAUSE is turned off.

    Can SOMEONE please address the masses and let us know that you are reading the feedback that YOU asked for????
    Thank you.

  38. Remove the pause already!

  39. Please remove the pause!

  40. What is the point of the pause feature? Can it be removed and/or made optional...PLEASE!!!

  41. Thank you for playing Zynga games. A representative will be with you shortly.
    All representatives are currently assisting others. Your estimated wait time is 8 minutes. Thanks for your patience.
    You are now chatting with 'Adrian A.'
    Adrian A.: Hello XXXX! I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative. How can I help you today?
    XXXX: hi ok 1st i am about to leave the game due the pause
    Adrian A.: The Pause?
    XXXX: and twice yesterday i was told the option to pause or not to pause was being rolled out .. then when i asked why didnt i get it the option durning roll out i was told that the 2 agent had lied to me ..
    XXXX: so whats the real deal is my ec barns and stables still suposed to grow while i am om home farm
    XXXX: yes the pause omg u know when you visit on farm the other goes into ''pause''
    Adrian A.: Ok, allow me one minute for me to look into your account.
    Adrian A.: So, you say you still have not received the option to have both of your Farms active?
    XXXX: no i havnt!!
    XXXX: from yesterdays chat with alain a- Alain A.: Hello xxxx! I am a Zynga Customer Support Representative. How can I help you today? xxxx: is this true - We are already seeing some players are given the option to have BOTH Farms ‘Active’ when going back to their ‘Home Farm’! We are so proud that Farmers of the game are so dedicated to get what they want. It is on slow release meaning we will need to wait a little bit longer before this feature will appear to all Farmers. – Happy Farming! Alain A.: Yes. this is true.
    Adrian A.: Ok, just as you were told yesterday xxxx, this a a new feature that is Slowly being rolled out to all of the Users.
    xxxx: ya but then lastnight when i asked about i was told by CS agent it was a lie
    xxxx: so whats the truth ?
    Adrian A.: Who told you that it was a lie?
    Adrian A.: You mean that someone told you that Pause mode is not going to stop?
    xxxx: axel v. and her supervisor jaimie c
    xxxx: know the told me that the alain a had lied to me about th option to ''play both farms at same time'' roll out was a lie
    Adrian A.: I can tell you and confirm you that this is true and there are users already enjoying it and it will get to everyone soon.
    xxxx: then why didnt jaimie c know about it ?
    xxxx: XXXX: if they were joking at me ..i will be very upset .. Jaime C.: xxxx, at the moment this is something that's being considered to be done
    Adrian A.: And he told you this when?
    Adrian A.: yesterday night?
    xxxx: i was told 24 hours ago by alain a and roberto that it would roll at 9pm then at 1130pm i was told i was lied to

  42. Adrian A.: Ok, let me see when we were notified about this.
    Adrian A.: Please hold.
    xxxx: ok
    Adrian A.: At least in my case I was notified with you in this chat
    xxxx: lol who notified you ?
    Adrian A.: Because I came 1 hr ago and I had to ask my supervisor.
    Adrian A.: Bust just give me one moment.
    xxxx: ok thank you
    xxxx: i have whole chat session saved from lastnight which includes to 2 previous chat session with alain and roberto would like read it
    Adrian A.: Ok, we received an email yesterday about this.
    Adrian A.: But in the evening that is why I didnt know yet because I work until 2pm and just came now.
    xxxx: and it is true will the pause effect be removed soon
    Adrian A.: It will
    Adrian A.: I can give you my word on it.
    xxxx: i hear from other playing EC that the only thing on pause should be the crops ..barns and stables are not paused
    xxxx: well when i leave one farm everting on the farm i left is paused not just the crops
    Adrian A.: Now both Farms will be working at the same time, they will both have the same progress
    xxxx: geez jaiame c had me in tears last night when she told me it wasnt happening at all that the pause was staying for now .. i mean really its almost sucked all the fun out of the game for me
    xxxx: wish i could see the email you got about it

  43. Adrian A.: Let me see if I can get it from my Supervisor
    Adrian A.: Just a moment.
    xxxx: can your supervisor make a statement in the forum thread about the pause feedback you know now that thread is almost 10000 post long and still no word from mr.zynga
    xxxx: ok
    Adrian A.: I am really sorry xxxx, I was not authorised to send you the email because it is an internal mail but you can take my word.
    Adrian A.: Trust me that this will be taken away.
    xxxx: ok but wheeeennnnn ?
    Adrian A.: Well since it already started to get rolled out maybe you get this today or maybe tomorrow.
    xxxx: but you know would make it all better --make the insta-grow potion an item on the gifts page
    Adrian A.: I could put that in a suggestion.
    xxxx: i hope it soon .. i am not harvesting or planting on farms in protest i have 80+orchards that need to be harvested my nieghbors are leaving the game by the 'truck load'' due the ''pause effect''
    Adrian A.: It will be soon dont worry.
    xxxx: you know its been really emotional being told its true then being told its not then being told again it is ..can you trade the 5 free flights i have in my giftbox for 10 insta-grow potions ?
    xxxx: bu i am worried i live in isolated mountain community my farm is my best bubby as sad as that sounds .. but this pause things is killing FV game ! and cant do thing to save it
    Adrian A.: You mean the Mega grow?
    xxxx: its like whatching your someone kick your dog and u cant do a thing to help
    xxxx: now its insta - grow potion its icon looks almost same as love potion --one insta-grow potion was given to players when we 1st entered the EC
    Adrian A.: One sec please.
    Adrian A.: Why do you wish to trade them? they do the same.
    xxxxxx: yes i want to trade the 5 fights for 10 insta grows ok so is there anything i can do on my end to get the pause removed sooner .. how will i know when it happens .i keep going back and forth from farm to farm to check crop growth ..

  44. xxxx: wow 4days later and my ec stables still at 32%
    Adrian A.: I will give you the other 5 Instant Grows
    xxxx: ok but how will when the pause is gone
    Adrian A.: And no unfortunately you have to wait for the feature to get to you.
    Adrian A.: Sorry?
    Adrian A.: How will you know?
    xxxx: please forgive my lack of trust right now but after yesterdays and lasts chats its hard to believe anything now ..
    xxxx: yes how will i know when the pause is removed ? will i get that pop up we all see going around the fan sites for the past 3days
    Adrian A.: Yes, I do understand dont worry but when the feature gets to you, you will get a pop up asking if you want to change to non pause Farming.
    xxxx: or will it just happen it going to be a options pop up or whats the deal hows it going happen
    Adrian A.: It will give you the option of how you want it.
    xxxx: pray fv gods that it happens soon my nieghbors need me to play they depend on my water cans for 80+ orchards that i harvest ..
    Adrian A.: I know it will be soon.
    xxxx: i breed LE trees as well i am a skilled player
    Adrian A.: Oh, can you please give me your User id.
    xxxx: from facebook why ?
    Adrian A.: I need it to open your account and add the extra 5 Instant grows.
    xxxx: oh ok
    Adrian A.: Ok
    xxxx: its xxxxx but i cant find the number ?? dont i just wave the mouse of my pic?
    Adrian A.: Just copy the full link address on the top of your Facebook profile to me plz.
    xxxxx: lol found it its ########
    Adrian A.: Thanks =)
    Adrian A.: Ok, thanks.
    Adrian A.: Ok all set, I have added them now.
    xxxxx: omg i cant wait to end my no farming protest
    Adrian A.: I will try to see if I can get the feature get to you a little quicker but I cant promise anything ok?
    xxxx: is there a time when all players should have the options to ''pause or not to pause '' ?
    xxxx: yippee your the best for for trying to get it to me faster
    Adrian A.: No, it is just constantly being sent to different users.
    xxxx: and i am always last in line ..
    Adrian A.: It is just taken random
    Adrian A.: But I will do my best to get it for you.
    xxxx: all i got in lastnight update was an EC wishing well ..huge disoppointment when i thought it would ''pause options'' in my update
    Adrian A.: Is there anything else I may assist you with today?
    xxxx: no waiting to see if you can get to me faster
    xxxx: or if you cant what times of day can i expect the rool out is it noon, 3pm,9pm and midnight ?
    Adrian A.: I will send an email to our Developers and put a special request.
    xxxx: if i know what time to check i can just come back at those times
    Adrian A.: No xxxxx, I am really sorry I cant give you a time on it, they have to receive my email and prosses my request.
    Adrian A.: But it should be today.
    xxxx: ok how do you think ?if they answer you
    Adrian A.: Yes, they would reply to me
    xxxx: ment how long do you think for them to answer you ?
    Adrian A.: Well xxxxx, They get hundreds of emails so mayme 2 or 3hrs
    xxxx: ok i will check back then
    Adrian A.: Would you like to help me by filling out a short question survey about your experience chatting with me?
    xxxx: i would love to ..i know click the close button for it appear
    Adrian A.: I would really appreciate it. The survey will appear after you disconnect by clicking the Close button in the chat window.
    Adrian A.: Oh ok
    Adrian A.: lol
    Adrian A.: Thanks, have a wonderful day xxxxx.
    xxxx: lol ok thank you for what i hope is the truth and your hard work

  45. Hello, my name is dwight brandon i sign up to play poker and after a month my account was banned. you guy said because some type of software,i"am not a profesional on the computer all i done was sign up, this is a form of discrimination,i will do everything possible to fight this. your support group told me there nothing they can do and told me to stop e-mailing this suppot center. i need my account reinstated asap,or i and other will take further action, all chip return with to my account.i will notify all board member stock holder etc, until this matter has been clear of any wrong doing.

  46. helloo. my name is kamil abbasi and i love to play pocker. now i have a problem to log in. i have changed my account password but still i can't. about 2 months ago i had this problem and sumone stole my 11millions chips and from yesterday again i got this problem.i sent many email to facebook and also to zynga but didn't get any replay from them. as i c they are not caring for their users. i need help to login my facebook account that i can talk with my friends and also can plat pocker. i have about 15millions chips and i don't zynga or facebook will hel me or not. but as i c they not caring. if they could care then they should replay me as soon as possibel.
    kamil abbasi

  47. I would to know why can't all of your people either fix problems that has been reported and also I would like for your people LEAVE the games alone so people can play.. All I want is to have my full energy packs back on Mafia.. English Countryside SUCKS... Tell your tech people they need not blame the customer computer for all of the problems that is going on...

  48. I am really interested zynga texas hold'em poker, but why the zynga always banned me while I do not send chips to the third party? two weeks ago I was banned 140M. this week banned almost 20M. zynga why this happens?
    Please to answer me. If your party continues to happen so it will reduce your customer. zynga please, I need an explanation and do not arbitrarily banned people without questioning.

  49. Zynga is the blame for all facebook accounts being hacked and compromised for poker chips !! I have lost mine 3 times now,and they could help stop this hacking if they'd quit allowing other players to see how many chips you have !!!!! Anyone can put the cursor on your name and see how many chips you have, and the hackers go after big chip holders.All 3 times mine was compromised was for over 20 million chips .Common XZynga,wake up !!! I lost my account for 5 months last time now this time a month so far.

  50. Hi my farmville spring garden isnt working it says 100% but produces no flowers & always says 100% what gives.HHHelppppppppppp!!

  51. Let me tell you what I AM pissed about.. for FIVE FREAKING Days.. my Frontierville has not allowed me to send gifts or ask for gifts. If I just by some RARE stroke of luck "happen" to get it to let me post for "Flea powder", "prospecting equipment", etc.. it lets me click on the pop up box and THEN.. it doesn't go back to the damn game!! On my Farmville.. for TWO days now.. I haven't been able to invite people to my wedding party. I click on the bar to invite.. and all it does is pop up like it is going to give me the names and it doesn't.. I get NOTHING!! I checked my version of Flash on my browsers.. current.. Had my children log into theirs on each browser.. and THEIRS Work.. on the same freaking computer!!!! THEN.. the straw that breaks the camel's back.. I attempt to send Zynga customer support a message so I can get it fixed.. I fill out their little "form" THREE DAMN times, AND guess what.. there is not a damn "submit" button to send it...The old support @ Zynga is not an active box anymore.. If you have a product that is going to malfunction.. you had damn well provide a means for customers to contact you.

  52. hi ... im mychal santos ... i just want to know y my poker at zynga have been banned ..? i have nothing to do .... ive just flood to the message chat den it happen ... how can i play again my zynga poker ... ?
    tnx for your king consideration ..,

    hope for your response ...

  53. Fire the studio staff and hire hackers they got it right!! nothing works for months, and All I get are apologies and "please bear with us a little longer!"

  54. Well, I would like to get into breeding in FarmVille. When Breeding first came out, I thought to myself, what a great idea! This is going to be tons of fun! And sure enough, it was tons of fun! But then, all the mess with the illegal sheep being stolen from Zynga (not my fault), and spreading like crazy to all the FarmVIlle users (again, not my fault), so Zynga says they would just leave them since there was not much they could do about it. No real harm done. THen I bet the thought of all the money Zynga could loose whith all the sheep they have yet to come out with! SO then they make breeding all these sheep give nothing but white sheep. Ok, so this can be lived with, just as long as the idea was there that eventually, Zynga would come out with the sheep that would give us the same looking sheep. A little time goes by, and what does Zynga do? They make it so that the results of your breeding are totally random, and more than not, the sheep you get from breeding look nothing at all like the parents! So with this final move, Zynga has made something that is totally fun and enjoyable, into something that has no logic and is now a total pain in the a$$! Thanks so much for making a great idea totally worthless!

    Have a great day!

  55. I am an avid player of farmville, I have a few hundred dollars tied up in the game. 8 days ago my farm would not load, I have been in contact with customer support, and get the standard form letter back, they are "working on it" My farm still does not load. I told them I wanted the bedazzled cottage in case my farm is still not loading, "Ricado" said it was in my gift box and to let him know if I got it, well duh, would love to but can't get to the farm to see! I am aggravated, class action law suit anyone????

  56. I am getting so frustrated with your games that I play. Take Treasure Island, I get down to needing one more thing to complete a task and what do you know, the next time I go back to the game I am back to zero. That is only one example.

  57. Two weeks now and cannot load frontierville on any browser and I have tried them all. I am so tired of this. You should refund everyone who paid for horseshoes. We are tired of you saying we are working on it. Doubt you are working on it,m as this should be fixed. Your other games seem to work ok. Stop having new games whe your older ones are not loading. We want a fix and now!

  58. Played zynga poker for 3 days won up to 5.4 bill and poof down to 1m for violating their so called "TOS" policy. First off I want to know what policy I broke by getting on a hot run and winning chips. Isnt that the object of the game is to win. I made it a point not to play heads-up so I was not accused of chipping or selling chips. This is not the first time I've had an issue with this game. I had a friend log on and watch someone hack my account. This friend took a pic of the player, the time it happened, the room that it happened in. And what do I get in return, well first off my account was banned. My friends account was banned. I was told that I violated their so called "TOS" policy. Wonder how being hacked is a violation of policy. I will be contacting the CEO of this company. This type of behavior towards customers would not happen at a casino, would be interesting to see if you had a run of luck as I did and won over 14k for them to say "We are going to take your winnings away do to violations of our policy" wonder if that policy includes winning without cheating. I'm disgusted with their support staff. They never state the policy you violated so how do I know I violated one.

  59. My friend and I are EXTREMLEY offended that on Farmville Zynga is going all out to advertise for REAL money items for MEXICO on OUR National Hoilday...It is not about prejudice it is about they do it for Cinco Di Mio as is but the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS this is an AMERICAN Holiday. What next politically correct for the Taliban...I and my friends who served OUR country find this VERY insulting...Again it is NOT about predjudice is is about THIS NATION'S Holiday...

  60. i bought more than 1000$ chips in last 2 months yesterday my account banned 4 time first 3 times they reactivated and 4th time they said its permanent banned and will never be activated i had 156M chips they gave me reason that i was using some software or used bots to win they are idiots if i do have all these shits then why i would buy chips for more than 1000$ i am pissed off now n want to sue on them if there is any one or any site or any thing against them do update me on below e mail my money was not for charity these fukers are eating our money time and brain syed farhan

  61. i bought 1000$ chips in last 2 months last night i was playing on table and had 156M message appears that my account is banned i contacted them n they activated it after 5 min it got again banned like 4 time it happens and 4th time they said its permanent banned due to using some software they are idiot it i do have software or bots or any thing which can help me in winning why i would buy chips of huge amount they people sucks they took my money my time and my efforts just for nothing i do like to know if we can do any thing against them its really very frustrating i am regretting to spent this amount on this fake game Syed Farhan

  62. Dear all please be informed that a block has been placed on my mafia wars account by Carlos Z. Then Marcela C. Turned around and lied to me by stating that my account was flag due to non-standard gameplay.. I've never cheated in Te game. I invested too much time to build my account. It really pissed me off that Marcela has to lied about my account. It looks like they're not planningto reinstate my account.

  63. Fu#k zynga..those thieves...they have hired players in poker going from table to table...stealing money from players who purchase they will purchase again...those fu#king rat bastards! We have to stop this!!! This can't be legal.

  64. On Sept. 13th my account was banned because of an iphone cash hack. I do not own an iphone but have yet to receive my farm back. Zynga has done this to several hundred players. We are hiring and attorney and going to the media

  65. Zynga consumer scam.

    Zynga promoto Empire & Allies to gif a offer of buying Empire points 475 EP for 30$, but they give only 265 EP, so the offer is a scam, because I have contact support and they are pointing to Facebook, but I am buying from zynga not FB and zynga does not give the offer where I have pay for.

    Piet van Pelt
    daily player of Empire & allies

  66. Zynga poker banned my poker account yesterday, and after 5 or 6 emails to and from customer service, they finally said it was because I was 'botting'. This is just untrue. I have been a regular player, never cheating, and it took me over 2 years to get my measly 9 million chips. It is very coincidental that the one time I was winning a little bit, I was banned. I was playing in 100/200 tables and had over 300k on the table, and my 9million chips. All of a sudden, my chips disappeared and I get the notice that my account is banned.

    I never thought this would happen to me. I'm very upset. I like playing Zynga poker, it's so unfair. I've read story after story of this happening to people who are winning. I would be happy to join a Class Action Lawsuit against Zynga poker.


    hey Ztards check this out. Hows the banning of farms working for you now

  68. No help from zynga support i really dont think this will either i,m getting very upset over lossing my horseshoes on frontier-pioneer trail this is like the 3rd time know i have nothing left have written to zynga support and never recived an answer i want my horseshoes back this is not right

  69. It looks great working in that company. It's a good thing you shared its address with us.

    virtual office makati

  70. i dont even no where to start ..but for days /weeks /months i havent got the satisfaction of being a paid customer ...none of your techs no what there doing ...there is no support from any of you guys .ive spent lots of real money on your games and i get fobbed of day in day out by yuor live chat people ...this is cafe world where its not just me hundreds of us players have this same rubbish daily RETRYING REPORT BUG ?REFRESH !!! they tell us al diff things do this do that none of it works ....i know what the terms and conditions are how about our terms and conditions of playing these games .....i play a few of zynga games but now i will not be playing ..yuo need do a complete system maintanance stop everyone playing the game for a day and sort your servers out they obviously cannot cope with the amount of playing with each game !! im not a tech or developer but i bet if you done this all probs would be easier to be fixed ..DAM SHAME !!!

  71. I would publish my very recent experience with customer support, but it would not do any good. Lets just say, Zynga stole 95 Farm Cash, will not return and pretty much called me a liar. You guy's suck!

  72. Maybe it's time to start complaining about Zynga instead to to Zynga


  74. Ultimate poker Pro, with few dollars you can get bilion chips, and they so far have been good. I was hacked by a zynga application which poped up on my facebook notification, once clicked i was hacked, the hackers stole 135million chips, and i took screen shots of my chips being stollen, i could not sit on a seat because message said i was playing on another server and had zero chips. Support from zynga were notified right away while this was happening to me, i sent them screen shot of the message that first appread and screen shots of all the other time i saw mychips going, the locked my account and said they will do investigation, few days later they told me that i did that to my self, and i violated terms of service. Now why whould i pay for chips and then try to steal them myself, and why would i send screen shots of the application that popped up as a scam on my facebook page...Zynga was good and i loved it now its going to be a legal battle, i will go to media, all over the world i will publish my story to all media outlets with screen shot, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.......I have also filed a dispute with my Credit Card company which i used to buy those chips....I will not paly zynga anymore, but i will get my money way or another plus i am launching a campaign of what has happend to me to all media outlets........

    1. AMEN... It is a scam that zynga has going , the need cash flow to bring up thier crashing stock price...They went public on Dec, 16th 2011 and then the bots were brought in ...i have played at many tables where i was the only human... and it does no good to report them because zynga profits when we lose chips...I play with some of the same bots everyday, i almost want to say hello to them... i have learned how the different one play... the problem with 4 or 5 bots at 1 table... 100 200k blinds almost every hand 1 of them goes all in 6 to 15 my chips have declined over the last few months by about 300m these same bots are at between 1 and 3 Billion...Now i have been hacked and cant play poker until zynga does thier investagation and decides if they are gonna give me my 161M chips back
      It has been about a week and i have not been giving any estimated time of when the problem will be resolved.... It is just ashame this site has gone to hell in a hand basket... Just saying beware....


  76. of course it is visiable after approvel,, copied and pasted these blogs

  77. Ok I am playing Castleville and I had to make 2 iron bars to make a keg that takes 23hrs and now it wont numerically count the keg when I go to collect it for a quest. I would like this to be corrected asap or I will stop playing. Thanks!

  78. Even when making a complaint about Zynga through the better business bureau, zynga has an inept agent contact you who knows nothing about the game. Then the agent will get rude and nasty with you and in so many words tell you that you should be grateful they let you spend your money on their product. I'm truly amazed at their customer service.


  80. Facebook is having some serious issues right now ! Your Guess is as good as ours as to why. No News Feed , No Posting. We are sure they are aware of this but it couldn't hurt to let them know they Have a Problem

  81. possibly the worst customer service i have ever encountered. their "support" page is a total sham. it will send you in circles until you get to the point of just quiting. if you try to email them you will get NOTHING but an email saying to go to their totally inept website. I finally found a number to call and still their in nobody to talk to unless you go to billing questions. then you get some guy that is just there to get a pay check who also doesn't want to help. DO NOT spend any money with this company!!!!

  82. "ok here we go agin making for a very very very very unhappy farmer
    posing is obsolete post trees and no one sees them
    reallly reallly realllllly
    i have lost a whole ton o f tree posting to space because you all cannot get your program together
    im telling you this is not fair and i want to be comopensated for all of my time and trees lost to space
    this is your guys fault not mine

  83. ""ok here we go agin making for a very very very very unhappy farmer
    posing is obsolete post trees and no one sees them
    reallly reallly realllllly
    i have lost a whole ton o f tree posting to space because you all cannot get your program together
    im telling you this is not fair and i want to be comopensated for all of my time and trees lost to space
    this is your guys fault not mine

  84. Please help. My Citiville is completely glitching out or has a bug or something. Everytime i start playing i start collecting from my businesses, supplying, moving things around, etc and after about 5-20 min (it always varies it gives me a message telling me it is "saving content, don't close browser" then it says it is "encountering a problem and it is going back to previously saved state and erases everything i did, repeatedly. I have even tried to do just a few things for 5 min and then stop playing and close the tab and reopen it (normally it saves everything i did instantly) and upon reopening it erases all the work I did in that 5 min. This has been going on for 24 hours and is ruining the game for me. Please fix it as soon as possible, i am about to give up playing Citiville this has become so frustrating. :-( Thank you in advance and please PM me on FB if you have any questions or solutions. This is totally a bummer. :-(

  85. Farmville died again all the bits went away is what comes up when u try to load, are u serious, just like pioneertrail i sent a msg to tech about 2 issues and neither has been fixed 1 a week ago the other last night one is a simple fix just add the link in the code the other takes longer but all they want to do is is give u some gifts for ur trouble and not fix the game but add new quest daily and not fix the older issues


  86. I see you are having issues with the games. I have never had a problem with Zynga. They have always been here for me in all the games I have had trouble with. Sure there are problems, but I have the patience to work thru them with the company.
    I do wish though, if Zynga could slow down and let us catch up on requests in games. To many all at once is bogging our games down and we lose interest with the game. Slow down and maybe run about 3 missions at a time, like you are doing in FarmVille. Cafe World is to bogged down. To many to fast.
    Thanks Zynga for helping me when I need you, Sincerly Dianna F in SD.

  87. again in pioneerville the wreaths in the holiday hollow the links do not work in the quest says missing feed and the drop rate sucks i get a average of 1o wreaths in 30 energy and the solider quest and toy boat take 20 wreaths to make 1 u need 2 to complete the ship and 20 to fulfill the quest 400 wreaths to complete at this rate i might get it completed by the time i die fix the issue oh yea so the come out today with a new building called the emporium and valentines day stuff less than a week ago and 2 more u have to have done because the quest makes u need new buildings

    this is getting hard to keep up

  88. for 2 months now i have not been able to post things to get mission done. will not send to the friends i pick. the names just sit there. also can't accept quest from friends they ask for stuff for thier mission and i can't accept some of these things i could use for my mission.lost count how may emails i have sent to get my game fix, all they do is send me dinners for all my trouble. i have been playing for over a year now. this is my past time.i wish i could get this fix so far behind on mission i'm level 95 and hate to have to quit. zynga pleaSE FIX

  89. you all have over 9 millon people playing zygna games and you all will not fix the games for them ,whats going to happen when they all quit playing ,i can tell you ,you will go bankrupt and lose alot of money on lawsuits and guess what ,i will be one of them in the lawsuit against you all dummys

  90. I am writing to complain about the Texas Hold Em game...several times in the past I have lost hands when I was sure I was holding the top cards...but today I was sure of it. I had a pair of 8s in the hole and my competition won the hand with a pair of 7s (one up and one in the hole) with an ace for a kicker. If you're going to run a card game you must be sure it's honest. It's not real money anyway so why not be honest??? One other's nearly impossible to reach anyone at Zynga...and for a publicly traded company I find that quite unusual and suspicious. I was enjoying the game but it it isn't honest from now on I'll pass. I doubt anyone even reads these comments let alone responds to them.

    Your poker account has been disabled due to Not Specified.
    If you believe this is an error, please contact customer support to request reactivation.

  92. Let's see the last several times that I have bought FC it went missing and the last several times they put my FC back. Thank you. But now I get on my farm and low and behold my FC is missing AGAIN. I just bought 115 FC on Thursday, March 1, 2012 and now here we are Sunday, March 4, 2012 and all my FC but 3 are gone. Poof! Don't know where it went. Didn't buy anything for that much FC. Contacted Zynga and they said they don't see anything wrong so they can't reimburse me. So, that's it? I lose the money I spent to get the FC? I even showed proof that they took it out of my bank and they still won't reimburse me. Wow. Guess I'll have to take it up with my bank.


  94. Lost my quest in farmville they all disappeared and there is 6 freaking pages of people with the same issue but no one has even bothered to go to the forums to post on how or why or how to fix and it is not in the know issues either so I guess my crops are going to wither my quest will end and i can't do squat. SO again ZYNGA doesn't care OH yea cleared the cache and the cleared the flash as well and it was working this AM finished a lv in a quest then they all disappeared

  95. please will someone respond to the players in myspace yoville
    we are totally ignored

    why do they not fix the issues in gifting--and update the gifts ?? It has been months

  96. I refuse to play Zynga games anymore as they suck at fixing anything, i played FV Pioneer trail and adventure world, lost my FV quest for a week as so did many others, pioneer trail the storage shed will not upgrade as u can not see what u need to upgrade it that is almost 2 months old as i sent them a msg they would complete but the quest itself never was completed, and in Adventure world the player u get to help u can't hire as the tab to hire them is gone
    but you can come out with new quest add on's for the games but ya can't fix anything

    So there for i am not playing the games anymore from zynga and people should boycott there games until they listen to the players and fix the games instead of adding new stuff all the time

  97. I have stopped playing Cityville because EVERY time I do something in the game, no matter what it is, build something, collect, harvest, it doesn't matter, when I leave the game and go back in, EVERYTHING is undone. I have emailed and emailed with explicit details as to exactly what I lost, and the response I get from Manuel is that you know about this, I have been overly compensated, which is a complete LIE, if I had been compensated why would I continue to let them know the problem still exists? Manuel and Ryan are THE MOST uncaring, unprofessional, worthless people I have EVER had to deal with in any business customer service. I refuse to play this game because no one at Zynga cares. They're a bunch of kids who really don't know how to fix these problems, and even though this is a "test" version, don't put a "test" public until you people get the bugs worked out of it. You play the damn game, you put up with the cheats and steals that you consistently do, get that crap fixed, then put it public. I am taking my complaint even higher than this message board. Cityville MUST BE FIXED, it is no longer fun, customer service doesn't give a damn about us, and until it is fixed, I'm not wasting my time. BOYCOTT CITYVILLE!!!

  98. its been 3 week with my game in castleville at reset.. I think you people in customer service suck you havn't been of any help to me.. I got a reply back but you know it was a copy and paste email... I what my money back that I have put into the game...

  99. im trying to claim my zoneing permits in cityville and ive tried several times to claim but it says the link has been disabled can you explain why this is happening and what u plan to do to fix this problem will noo longer play the game untiill problem is solved and a compliant post to youre game will be posted and will collect names to to follow up on zynga games and report to proper authorities

  100. Myspace deleted my account for no apparent reason...i have contacted them many times and they can not answer why it was taken as i did nothing to violate the TOS. It is probable my account was hacked what...I am trying to rescue my Vampire Wars account which I have spent RL money on the game. There is NO WHERE to find a legitimate email to get anyone at zynga to respond to my issue....Why is there no real customer support that actually functions for us loyal zynga players??? the connection on the site and in the game take you nothing helpful. How do I contact a real person who can at least give me an answer. CAN ZYNGA TRANSFER MY VAMP TO A NEW MYSPACE ACCT!!

  101. For 5 months and sixteen days my gifting has been broken in Mafia Wars.

    If I "accept" an "accept and thank" gift at ZMC, no return gift link has ever formed. If I then go to Free Gift page, the player's name is gone so I can't return a gift that way.

    There is a partial work around (fend free gift before accepting at ZMC) but: 1) does not work for crew requests or building parts; and 2) some players names never appear at Free Gift page.

    12 times I have been told is is a known problem that will be fixed soon. 3 times I have been told my account has been "adjusted" and problem fixed. Over and over I am told it's my imagination, my intelligence, my isp, my browser, JAVA, Flash, FaceBook, my cache - or some combination of those.

    Few reps have good English or knowledge of the game. I have supposedly been escalated to a "supervisor" 4 times. Reps usually answer with prewritten "stuff" that often has nothing to do with my problem.

    Not cool.

  102. Dear zynga,
    i am play farmville coins are earned very quickly but farmcash are not.Can you make a
    option like you take fvcoins and give us farmcash can you do this thing
    i am and other are very happy

  103. may as well try here because i have had no joy at having the problem resolved through customer support. castleville keeps asking to be refreshed as soon as the game has finished loading. i havnt been able to play for the last 9 days. the zynga forum has a thread with over 600 people that have the same issue, some have had this issue for 2 months! everyone that emails customer support keeps getting told the same crap, update this reinstall that blah blah blah! it is not a problem with our computers as has been suggested by zynga, my son can play his castleville game with no problems on the same computer. no eror code comes up just a picture of yevette telling you that you have lost your magic connection and need to refresh. noone at zynga seems to know their heads from their asses as i will have one customer support person tell me that i need to have patience they are fixing the problem, the next email i send telling them it is still not fixed, i get a different customer support person telling me that it is a problem with our browsers, computers, etc. in other words noone there seems to communicate or give a shit about the people that keep their company alive! great skills! i and hundreds of others want to know when this is going to be fixed, i do not want to be told that i just need to have paitence that ran out after the first week! please answer this and get your so called developmental team to sort it out, i like many others have put money into this game. and zyngas attitude towards this problem is just bullshit! it should not take over 2 months to sort out! any other company these people would be sacked for be incompetant!

    1. I too am having these problems. I have played this game on several different computers with different servers. I am convinced the problem is on your end. As a corporation your end goal is to make money and you have millions of customers but people are getting tired of the same problems. This can only go for so long before people stop using your product. I cannot imagine any CEO saying that they want to lose customers but this is what will happen eventually. You neeed to fix the problem. I have read many posts and people are not happy. I should not have to refresh every couple minutes, it is annoying and time consuming. These games are played as a source of enjoyment and relaxation but they are causing more frustration and a lot less enjoyable down time. Please fix.

  104. For about 11\12 days now, i can't play castleville, because it gives the Lost Magic error.
    There's nothing i can do to fix it (i've already tried in different browsers, cleared caches, cookies, and so on), so it's up to you.


  105. since 10 days Farmville isn’t working, I can’t get into my farms, which means, I can’t play. Support always puts me off. It can’t be too difficult to find the bug but instead of solving problems Zynga releases more and more stuff. I was a good customer but now won’t spend any more money in any Zynga game. I stopped playing CafĂ© World a long time ago because of too many bugs and glitches and NO help. If you go on like this it won’t last long and Zynga will be history.

  106. I take great offense at Zynga raiding farms looking for "stolen" goods. How dare you take back items that I paid for or got off of the feed. If someone is hacking and posting "stolen" goods, that is not my problem. You obviously have a serious issue with your programming. Perhaps if you did charge such ridiculous prices, people would be more willing to "play fair". Rather than raiding farms, perhaps you should fix the many, many issues that make game play frustrating and stressful.

    Off-shored customer service is horrible, by the way. There is very little compassion and definitely a language barrier. I have asked numerous times on how to get a certain tree (Potato Chip tree), but have been told there isn't anything they can do. Now, this tree exists...Zynga can make it "appear" again. I am growing weary of Zynga's utter disregard for their customers. I, as well as many of my neighbors, are thinking of quitting. The game has become nothing but stress and frustration rather than fun and relaxing.

    Zynga, you have something good, but you are ruining it. Greed has taken over to the extent that you have lost focus on how you got where you are today. Thanks for you "concern" over my desire to get one freaking tree.

  107. Zynga clean up your site. I keep having to buy more chips when your bots play and steal them not to mention the hackers that you do nothing about. I have spent about 160.00 in the last 2 months on chips. Gambling??? I wonder I am so tired of complaining that I am going to file a complaint tomorrow with The California Attorney General. Someone needs to make you guys address the issue.

  108. so i cant play cafe world it constantly says refresh. been about a year of trying. i am so far behind my other cafe world friends its sad. cant you just bring back Baking Life? i never had a problem with that game and neither did anyone i know that was playing it. the pop ups cause the cafe world game to work like crap constantly . its 2012 get the crap right or people are going to find other game sites thank you


  110. HI I sent a comment yesterday about trying to contact someone regarding adding a game on and getting frustrated, no one has the courtesy to answer. Can I please have a email or phone contact please? Thank Jude

  111. Does anyone have the email address to Zinga Support. I have an issue with Farmville & the support page that is displayed on the computer that I use does not have a clickable link to report an issue. I sometimes see a GREYED OUT link & there supprot site is a total JOKE!

  112. What a joke started playing poker and got banned for who knows what didn't even win what a joke you can jamm it up you ass have played other games without a problem!!!!

  113. I have been unable to play Cafe World for 4 days now, connection problems, I take care of two other family members and can get into their games easy. I have been playing for over 3 years and am about ready to quit.
    I have emailed tech 8 times in the last 4 days, live chat does not appear on my help side. This is very frustrating, my goals are running out of time, there is no way I will finish now. My catering will not be done.
    Please FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Hello Rachel,

    We are still looking into the issue chef. Rest assured that you are being heard and that we are taking this matter seriously.

    Thank you for your patronage of Cafe World.
    Zynga Player Advocate

    Did Zynga Support help put the wag back in your tail? Tweet some Love on our official Twitter stream @ZyngaSupport with #zyngalove or come Like our Facebook page
    Your Incident # is: 120825-21397724

    Discussion Thread

    Email from Rachel Hogle Sun Aug 26 21:38:14 GMT 2012

    RE: Reply from Zynga Customer Support[ ref:00D6J52i.5006L7wzv:ref ]
    is there any response to this the money has still not been returned to my account?

    Email from Albert C Sun Aug 26 00:43:49 GMT 2012

    Reply from Zynga Customer Support
    Hello Rachel,
    I'm Albert and thank you for providing the neccesary information. Your account information has already been included on the list of players that have encountered the same issue. We will look into these accounts and we will keep you posted for updates. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated. Rest assured that you are being heard and that we are taking this matter seriously.
    Thank you for your patience while we resolved this issue.
    Zynga Player Advocate
    Did Zynga Support help put the wag back in your tail? Tweet some Love on our official Twitter stream @ZyngaSupport with #zyngalove or come Like our Facebook page
    Your Incident # is: 120825-21397724 ----- ----- Discussion Thread

    Incident Entry by Zynga Customer P Sat Aug 25 15:46:32 GMT 2012

    Just before I logged out on Friday August 24, 2012 Ii purchased grand master for 26 cafe cash when I logged out of cafe world I had 240 cafe cash and this was at 10:15pm then I logged in at 11:40am on August 25, 2012 and only had 59 cafe cash. That is a full loss of cafe cash totaling 181 cafe cash. In the past you have had me uninstall, reinstall, clear cached and cookies to see if this issue continues. I run this application on 4 different computers and it happens on all of them. Please refund the 181 cafe cash to my account so that I may continue the progress that i am trying to make. I will not leave the game as others have as I am a devoted cafe world player since the beginning when I started.

  115. I am the one after Rachel in comments, I was finally able to get into my cafe after 6 days, then I was able to play for 1 1/2 days then I couldn't again. My cafe would load but the background wouldn't load and still doesn't this is the fourth day. This is the names of the Techs that have written me: Culinary Chef Precious, Chef Benilda Mae, Culinary Chef Faye, Chef Mike. These are just from 8/30/2012 and 8/25/2012. Incident #120826-21433004, 120829-21510643,
    True I said things out of anger but when nothing is done especially by a big company who is suppose to take care of their customers/gamers is pisses you off!
    All I want to do is play cafe world.

  116. 18 hands with no face cards or aces or pairs of any kind (I can prove this), the probability of this happening is in the range of a trillion to one. Also on occasions when dealt pairs of aces and or kings, the BOTS planted in the game stay with you (even if you go all in) then they always pick up a srtaight or flush on the river to knock you out.I have on many occasions had other good players (better than I) play on my computer Zynga account and have been advised not to play any more poker because the hands that they recieved using my account were so abysmal that they had no chance of winning. I said on poker chat that Zynga had set up a player to win and Zynga would not post it. They said to stop swearing(no foul language was used) I then asked; "who was swearing" ?.They then kicked me off the table! Zynga has now lost ALL crediblity and should have their operating license lifted immediatly!!! What they are doing is flagrantly illegal. A Class action suit should be filed forthhwith. COUNT ME IN! Zynga poker, you have proven you area sleazy poker site. I will dilligently keep an eye on this page for when a law suit is ever launched

  117. I have nothing but time and am extremely perturbed by the dishonesty of Zynga poker. the previous comment , under anonymous will be followed by my name and e-m ail --- IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ZYNGAS INNEPTITUDE.

  118. I want to know how zynga has the right to take your money from your game account .. and stuff you saved up in your gift box .. and get by with it ... isn't this stealing ...your support people don't help need to look into this ..and maybe you would start making more money .. I was given you $75.00 a week ...And they took my money .. it took 3 days to decide to return it .. they took 95 instant grow flights from my gift box..that took me 2 years to save up ...Never playing again until it is all replaced ..this is awful..Vickie Woodruff

  119. I have a lot of problems too with Castle ville.. go back and forth by e-mail. Loading problems and then error problems then missing the material i need to build things. Too many quests to do ,,,Regular screen with all the Halloween stuff, plus the stuff you are already working on, then fairy land, and the island. too much all at once. And right it does cost $$$$ getting too expensive to keep going ,,,2 of my allies quit and you don't get anyplace with this game if you don't have your allies.

  120. CALL THE f.b.i./ class action lawsuit. Zynga steals cash and blames .!hackers. Then they flash up a you deserve to buy more chips. Piss on my leg and tell me it is raining. Many people are mad. Your company is stealing.

  121. i had over $2.2 trillion in my texas hold-em account i now show $-,992,276,410,653,292. and everyday day when i go to add $75,000,000 and the $1,000,000,000 it is subtracted from my account. i may be hacked but my other accounts are alright or maybe zynga doesn't like that i won't buy chips

  122. The FBI and consumer protection agency should really investigate the fraudulent gaming practices of zynga. They are not only guilty of insider trading, but of also defrauding customers, particularly those who purchase chips. It is clear that their tactics include rampant use of bots, including those that I am convinced are created by zynga to steal chips and then entice customers to purchase more chip packages, etc. I have tested these theories in a number of ways and this could easily be proven by analyzing data and programming records.

  123. Zynga/Yoville disabled my acc...i have been playing sinse 09 and now im banned and i do not know why?i called so many times and emailed always the same answer....I did nothing wrong ZYNGA...i play the game to be with my friends and to have company..i have cancer and you took the only pleasure and life line i had from me :(I DID NOTHING WRONG!! I reported so many hackers ,Scammers n Mod users why are they still playing ? even after i and a lot of other ppl have reported them?You have so many rules and terms that protect you...but who protects us the players?you surely make your money on us and you take it with no say it gives us the right to use that product and you can take it back anytime! well how bout i give you the right to use my money but i can take it back anytime? that sound fair?? no it ban good players and you keep the bad ones why?if you add up the moeny i spend in your game i bet it comes out to over 6k.....if not more! and you just ban me?i did nothing wrong ZYNGA....Is there a human beeing that works in ZYNGA that cares?How bout Mark do you care?or is everyone heartless :(IM TELLING YOU AGAIN I DID NOTHING WRONG ...NOTHING except play and give you my money :( I did nothing wrong!!!!!!!! pls give it back to me :( i ll be glad to give you my name and email and phone just let me know

  124. I love playing Texas holdem but it is no longer fun on Zynga. It freezes up constantaly, lags, and knocks you out of your game or will not let you bet. I have been hacked twice and lost most all my chips and I am thoroughly disgusted with the hold thing. I have set at a table where one person will sit there and verbally abuse us and two of us report them and they are still at the table. I thought if two people reported them they would get booted. It is high time you fix the problems are get off the computer.

  125. Sam C Clark Sr. Hidden Chronicles Kerala Boat Puzzle has missing pieces . att

  126. I am really not happy because I have just been suspended for the 2nd time for 2 days for violating TOS .. I know what the TOS are and I never violated anything. All I did was sign in this morning harvest my crops and trees feed my animals fed a few chilli tasters and left for the day. This is starting to get beyond a joke! I am reporting Zynga to the Fair Trade Bureau here in Australia and also sending to the Better Business Bureau in the US. I will also be sending to every media outlet I can think of.. I play this game even though quite a few specials are not released to all players like the current Amex card that is not available to anyone outside of the US yet we have to put up with Zynga advertising it on our farms in Australia. It is very discrimatory both on AMEX and Zynga's part! I know from experience that I will not get any reply except the usual read the TOS well I have and now I want action! You have not only removed trees animals and buildings that I bought but you also took all items earnt through quests etc. This email is being forwarded to CBS and the BBB to name a few.
    Just wanted to say I watch your show every morning, and this morning when the show was speaking of online gaming and that Zynga had just laid of 18% of their workers, when I heard this I thought to myself that the reason for this most likely is due to the Unwarranted Suspensions this month of Farmville 2 players.

    Zynga is suspending people from their farms (people that actually pay money to play and buy virtual animals and trees) and while they are suspended Zynga has a computer program going on to those farms and taking everything it thinks you shouldn't have. Like for instance the game has glitches that most of find on accident, they are basically something with the programming that allows you to do something you shouldn't be able to do. Well some have taken advantage of these, getting things for free off other peoples farms (the item never actually leaves the farm it was taken from just copies it to your game inventory) and some of haven't taken advantage (like me), I mean innocent people caught up in the drama, yet Zynga is suspending people 2 or 3 times in a weeks and just wiping out people games. They went as far as taking a level 50ish player back to the beginning of the game at level 1 and stripping his farm of everything he had either earned or purchased with "Farm Bucks" (farm bucks are what people buy from Zynga using actual cash like 115 Farm bucks is $21.40 and so on).
    So basically we have a group that we have created called ZYNGA CHEATS IT'S PLAYERS, most if not all of the members have used actual cash to play the game, I myself had 60 plus virtual trees I paid 12 farm bucks a piece for stolen off my farm by Zynga during my previous Suspension which averages out to 1320 farm bucks or $256.00 .
    We have tried to email customer support, the 800, every avenue that they give us to contact them, and only a handful of us have been successful to get a response but when we do its the exact same response just addressed to the particular person they are answering.

    Funny that they should tell us they can't discuss the reason for our suspensions due to Privacy Policies.... REALLY??? You can't discuss MY acct with me because it would violate MY privacy????
    We are all doing our part to help each other to recover what Zynga has taken from us, Contacting the BBB in San Fran ( they have 1000's of complaints against them).
    My whole point of this was to say that maybe if they didn't cheat and steal from their loyal paying customers that actually spend real money on the game ( I know this sounds crazy but this game is therapy, down time, me time, stress relief for almost all of us, even some of us are physically incapacitated so this is a form of relief) that they wouldn't have to lay anyone off. I feel bad for those that lost their jobs but they truly worked for a Evil Company!
    Lee Johnston

  127. I am mad at zynga that is why i am want to call them i change my pasword every day of every week and i get hacked. I lost everything on my yoville account contacted zynga and now they will not do anything about it. THAT IS SO BULL SHIT so i am calling them to let them know about this rudness and hope that they will finally do somthing about it

  128. I've spend hundreds of $$$ on this game and when I need assistance, I get ignored. I'm not spending another dime. Your customer service is so terrible, you might as well have known.