Friday, September 17, 2010

Customer Service Buzzwords

Love them or hate them, buzzwords are here to stay. Customer Service Departments are 2nd only to Marketing in terms of Buzzwords. Here are a list of popular buzzwords used in customer service.

1. Customer Self-Service
2. Voice of the Customer
3. Engagement
4. Active Listening
5. Approachability
6. Confident
7. I Can
8. I Will
9. Listen 80%, Talk 20%
10. Customer Value Chain
11. Customer Loyalty
12. Add Value
13. Expect to Solve the Problem
14. Customer Centric
15. Customer Focused

Here are 15 buzzwords that may be over-used in customer service departments. Do you "think-out-side the box"? If so, please comment below on these customer service buzzwords.